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My name is Swami Harinanda and I have had the distinct pleasure of studying Yoga under a number of great Yogis.

I started at age 9 under the instruction and guidance of Ramana Maharshi. At 19 years of age I studied under Dr. Lewis of the SRF who initiated me into Kriya Yoga.

From California I went to Montreal to study with a Mongolian Master, Adano Lay. I then heard about a Swami in Vancouver, Swami Ananda Bahavanani, who later became quite famous as Swami Gitanandaji of Pondicherry India. He taught Yantra Yoga (the science of mathematics in relationship to the universe and to one's own person). After being with the Swami for two years he initiated me into the Giri Mountain order of Swamis as Swami Harinanda.

Since the early beginnings in the 50's I have been giving free instruction in Yoga. So let us embark together on a journey of self discovery by opening the chakras and allowing the Shakti energy to rise up through the Shushumna canal to ignite the thousand petal lotus in the brain.

Is Your Name Balanced?

Is your name balanced with your date of birth?

Yantra Yoga teaches us that harmony is created when your name has the same mathematical value as your date of birth.

Take my online name calculator to determine if your name is harmonized.

What Yoga Is Meant For You?

Enter your birth date, click the "calculate" button and you will be taken to another page with the results near the bottom:


As A Point of Interest:

You may be interested to know that this rising up of the Shakti is a direct reference to the parting of the Red Sea in the Bible. On either side of the Shushumna canal there are two Nadis or nerves called the Ida and the Pingala. These spiritual nerves must be regulated so that their circulatory energies become centered in the Coccyx Chakra where Shakti resides as the Serpent force. As Shakti is awakened she begins to rise up the central canal thus parting the energies of the Ida and the Pingala and uniting them in the Shushumna. Thus, the journey begins.

See a picture of me, Swami Harinanda, after I was initiated in to Kriya Yoga (circa 1950's).

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Swami Harinanda has a short message for you regarding his book, The Portal, which provides guidance regarding gnana yoga.

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