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The title of this piece is named on purpose because you should be living your life in Yoga, not living Yoga in your life. There is quite a difference.

There are a lot of people that like to state that they study Yoga – or a specific Yoga – sort of making themselves out to be different in some way.

Some people go as far as wearing the Ochre robes – well that really makes a statement doesn’t it.

Others like to proclaim they belong to a certain yoga group or study under a certain teacher or guru. It is all very precious isn’t it.

With this kind of attitude one can wind up with all sorts of weird ideas which belong to the group, to the teacher or guru, such as celibacy is good, certain diets for the yogi are better. It’s okay to smoke pot or take drugs, and worst of all that Tantra Yoga is a real Yoga and will take you into the infinite.

Well none of the above are LIFE – what living for a human is all about!

Although I am not a Christian, nor religious at all, I often quote statements from various scripture to suit my needs. One of them is by Jesus – “Those who pray in public already have their reward, but for those who pray in secret, they shall have me.”

So I say to you, make your Yogic life a secret one. Make every act you do an act of Karma Yoga. Everything you attempt, attempt with full concentration (Dharana), everything you wish to perfect, dive in to it and become one with it (Dhyana). When alone and nothing to do, draw into yourself (Raja). When doing your postures (Hatha) do them along with your breathing techniques (Prananyama). In selecting as wisely as possible between what is real and what is unreal (Gnana) take your time to eschew all possibilities, and if you are religious by nature let your devotion to the divine within flood out of you (Bhakti). If you love the symbolics of life then practice your Mudra Yoga, which can entail Samkhya and Yantra.

But above all make it secret. Learn this little trick in doing Yoga. You will see what a difference it makes in your life. Live life to the fullest every second - be joyful and feel the sweetness of life overtaking you (Bhava).

If you are in doubt as to what some of the words mean, please go to


as you will find everything in there.


Swami Harinanda

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