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I have always felt that Yantra Yoga was the most helpful of all the Yogas in order to aid a Yogi to see clearly what in fact was holding him back from attaining Self Realization, and just what he could do about it. I shall explain.

Everything in life has a vibration attached to it – little atoms just a humming away inside rocks, or water or any kind of matter – even inside our brains.

Most often – No! Always we are born without anything much going on inside our brains, just the usual instinctive drives to keep us alive, ie: seeking out the Mother’s breast.

Consciousness in the newborn has very little awareness, with probably the sense of smell being the most prominent sense activated by nature in order to successfully seek out the breast nipple.

Very slowly as time goes on the young child hears sounds – all sorts of sounds, but there is one sound (a vibration) which is repeated over and over again. The child does not understand this sound.

What it does understand now that vision has been brought into play, is his Mother walking in to the room. Probably the first recognized sense of site is his Mother, the source of food pleasure and warmth.

Soon, this strange sound it has been hearing, is recognized as himself. The sound or vibration was the name David. It is at this point that, when called David, he will turn his head to look at the person who called him. This is the first stage of self-recognition, “Mother is calling ME” and from now on that vibration of David will be ringing and bouncing off his brain cells for the rest of his life, giving him a sense of self quite different from all other vibrations which will be fed in to his little brain during his growing up period.

From this point on, depending on culture, religion and state of wealth, that little brain is going to be fed all sorts of data – what is right and wrong, religious beliefs and morals etc.

He is now thinking what others have taught him. Rarely do we find people who are taught HOW to think, but WHAT to think. No matter, because his thinking processes will always be governed by the main vibration which has been his only sense of Self since he was born, that is the vibration of David. He will now interpret everything he has learned through the process of self interest.

Ask anyone who they are and they will tell you their name. This is not only a courtesy but happens to be the truth – for they are their name. The vibration of their name has been influencing them to behave in ways quite different from everyone else – even though they were brought up in the same household and taught the same laws, rules and regulations. That’s why identical twins, although appearing identical, have different personalities – because they have different names.

Their whole sense of Self has all along interpreted and expressed the same things learned quite differently.

Our brain cells learn to accommodate vibrations, and language is the most powerful vibration, so we can adjust and even learn new languages, but to learn the power of language and how to use it wisely, the ancient sages made a mathematical study of it.

They could observe that certain people with the same names behaved in much the same way with slight variations. In observing a man who was bull headed, or another who was passive, or one who was intellectually inclined, and another who was more scientifically inclined, and yet another who utilized his emotions to express Self, they discovered, after breaking down language into a mathematical formula, that the bull headed types all had a certain number attached to their names, and so on with the scientific types and the emotional ones also. Each had a different and specific number.

Of course over the years it has been elaborately refined to be all inclusive, so that not only ones personality can be found in the name, but also family genetics, and what his environment and destiny would be.

Much later they searched the reasons why some people were discordant. In other words having to work in areas that were against their grain. Not being able to say what they really want to, and even marrying partners completely unsuited to them.

This led them to the discovery that their birth time vibration was saying something quite different than what their name was. It was here they found either discord or harmony.

For those in discord it was a very simple problem to solve mathematically. You can’t change the birth time, but you can change the name vibration to harmonize with the birth time. It was simple mathematics.

Thus was born Yantra Yoga, one of the substudies of Mudra Yoga,(The study of signs and symbols) coming down through Samkhya Yoga (the study of Mandalas ) on to Yantra Yoga.

This is scientific and mathematical and can be proven by you yourself.

I have heard a lot of people say, that when people change their name they just “think” a change has happened to them, but in Yantra, you can test it on animals who cannot be influenced by the suggestion that a change of name will alter their personality.

Take a step into Yantra’s door and have a study. It is very simple, but because of its simplicity it can be confounding, so I am always here to answer your questions.

You can find out what the best month is to begin a new project.

After all, like a good gardener we plant seeds in our life all the time, so why plant them in the middle of the summer or winter.

I began by saying we would find out just what holds one back from attaining self realization, well, your birth time designates your inner nature and your name designates your outer personality.

If you wish to transport water, it is much better to use a pipe. If you want to make use of electricity, then you use wire, so that when your birth date states that it is sending vibrations into your brain of xyz, and you interpret that vibration as pqr, you can see why so many people are discordant and cannot read what their inner nature wants for them. It would have been much better had their brain cells been re-adjusted to xyz. It is then they unfold exactly as they were meant to.

For those of you that wish to take this study, just link to

It is a long study and takes a lot of practice with your friends and family by reading the mathematics of their birth dates and names. This way you will begin to understand why you and others are the way you are.


Swami Harinanda

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