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Hello subscribername,

The ideas in this newsletter are not necessarily mine, but they are arguments I have heard from one of the sides.

The latter part of this letter will show you just how useless ALL arguments are to the Yogi.

This doubled edged sword, or two sided coin we call the so called real world is always prone to have sides taken, camps formed, friends estranged and generally speaking just a real bloody mess.

Of course the reason I am writing is because we can see the way the world is going right now. It is in upheaval, and people are being caught up in it. For those of you that seek spiritual unfoldment, it is holding you back to take sides. Because of this I want to show you how each side, being what it is, is what strikes the balance and keeps the world in the perfect chaotic order it evolved out of. That order is in fact a disorder called entropy – breakdown.

You know the ancient sages of India had it tidied up in a nice nutshell when they had their three Gods, Siva, Vishnu and Brahma. Each one signified a certain aspect of the world and the universe. One was the god of Creation. One was the god of Sustention, and one was the god of Destruction. Each god was revered and still is by millions.

Some of you will feel attacked by this letter because you hold strong views about certain aspects of life, and no matter how mundane they may seem to me or others, they are held very dear to you.

Taking up causes of any kind will interfere with the one pointedness needed to achieve samadhi – and especially the higher states of samadhi. I shall explain more of this at the end of the letter, but first I would like to tear apart some of these unjustly held concepts.

Some are small things, others are quite disturbing.

  1. Milk is good for you. Absolute profit making nonsense. The protein contained in milk robs the calcium directly from the bones, causing osteoporosis, rather than curing it (ask for my data on this if you like).
  2. Religion is an uplifiting force for humanity. Wrong again. Religion in itself is a great profit making organization that under the guise of doing good works in effect is what is holding people back from doing the good which is inherent in all of us. This is a long topic, but to cut it short needs nothing more to see what religion has done in the past and right in the present moment. It gave power to the few over the many. It also gave profit, and with these two forces, in the name of religion, with that power and profit, huge harm has been done all throughout history. Has it done some good? Yes, but religion’s time is coming to an end. The oneness of Man is forever being held at bay, by the discordance of the Jewish religion and the catholic religion. The catholic and the protestant. The Arab and the Christian.

There are factions within the churches of all religions that would like to see unity, but as ever, there are the extremist that never let it happen, and it is also done in such machinated ways that the average person in the street does not notice.

So chuck out milk, white sugar and religion. That’s a start.

  1. Rodeos should be abolished: Cruelty to animals is the cry of the protester. Perhaps there is an area or two which could be altered as they have done in Australia, but I would like to explain a very cool FACT which you cannot ignore about rodeos. Every animal in the rodeo is “worked” for no longer than 8 seconds. 8 Seconds! Got it? Just think about it. Out of every week, each individual animal is fed very well, so they can do a great job at winning. They are groomed, vetted, and given life – INSTEAD OF BEING PUT IN A CAN OF DOG FOOD – OR SOLD TO France for the dining table.

Let me repeat again. 8 seconds out of every week, the horse or the bull has a rider on its back, and without even trying to read into the horses or bulls feelings about this sport of trying to kill the rider, which they sometimes do, they return, after that 8 second ride, to their ranch to be stalled or grazed on the land until the next Rodeo a week later.

Why just 8 seconds a week? Well they discovered that more than that, the horse or bull gets used to what the sport is all about and becomes lazy and does not put on a good show. So 8 seconds a week it is.

What does a rodeo do? It gives jobs to thousands of cowboys and rodeo profiteers. It gives animals life – otherwise they would be dead. Oh yes, some say to let them run lose on the prairies and into the bush, but here in most of Canada them would starve, freeze to death or be eaten by the predators – which I understand is quite natural, but I think for 8 seconds a week, care and food is preferable. Where the wild Mustang has run free, he has become a nuisance to Ranchers, and they wind up culling them out by shooting them anyway. Some are adopted out. There are just not enough people to adopt a horse. Could you?

The laws for roping calves are being changed. Nothing happens over night, so protest is not a bad thing either, but most protestors want to wipe out the entire rodeo style of life. That is where the thoughtlessness is. It is because of this type of life that animals are given life.

The old adage about Roy Rogers never kissing the girl in the movie, but kisses the horse instead is quite true. Cowboys love their horses. If you have never owned a horse you will not understand the bonding. If you have owned a dog you will get a slight understanding. There is something unique about a work animal, such as the horse, elephant and mule – their communicating skill is very high on the telepathic level.

  1. Protesting against the business profiteers: The WTO has its compliment of profit haters. It always strikes me as funny how when a dog bites the hand that feeds it, it is put down, yet when the worker is given a job by one of the large conglomerates, they feel they also have the right to bite the hand that feeds them. Do you really think it is easy to be an entrepreneur – to start up a business, hire thousands of people, then hire more to write their paychecks, and on top of that get ridiculed for making profits, which must be made in order to expand the business to give more jobs to more people. The responsibility that many of these profiteers feel towards their staff is sometimes foremost on their minds.

I am not talking about how much they pay them. I am talking about the responsibility of giving them work. Remember if you take a gamble to take your life investments and capital to begin a business, you are always looking forward to the future of that business in order to protect your initial investments. If you don’t, you go under and as we have seen recently, thousands of people lose their jobs.

There are also world markets to be considered, and if unions demand too much for their workers, the company cannot compete on the world arena. That also has been seen recently.

As greedy as the protester may think the businessman is, he is equally so, for the continuing demands for more money in their paycheck is a continual fight for the conglomerate to stay in business – thus he takes his plants and offices to cheaper climes, where labour is not so demanding, and he is able to compete once more on the world market.

This way he can make a greater profit to expand his business to hire more people. It is a natural progression.

The people out of work today in many parts of our soft world society have only themselves to blame. What will happen when welfare and financial aids are cut off altogether?

Simply because people are greedy and are never satisfied, we drain the money pot and then complain when there is not the soft life to go around.

I am sure you as well as I, have heard the welfare person say he would not take a job because it did not pay him as much as welfare did.

I think welfare is necessary as it prevents insurrection, but it also has its downside.

The point to all the aforementioned is this, we can go on and on about what we think are the inequalities of life, governments and the poor and rich, but in so doing we spend all our mental time and activity on things that take care of themselves – when in fact, we should be utilizing all that mental energy into learning how to (Abhyasa) use constraint of the mind by centering our attention on SELF, the Atman, and then in time, for those who are diligent, accomplish (Nirhoda) the complete annihilation of mind fluctuation and thus arrive at Samadhi.

We are human after all, and with a mind which has been conditioned to “think”, that is, how to think if challenged in the right directions, and not what to think.

For the Yogi though who is on the path towards awakening to his own enlightenment, he must learn to transcend this mind of ego illusion and seek his true reality.

At least for now – in an intellectual way – begin to try and see both sides of every argument, so that at least you can experience a little of the joy of dispassion.

It’s a good jumping off point.


Swami Harinanda

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