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Too many young Yogis, not having the close encounter with a good teacher donít really understand what a loving Will means.

I always tell students that if they donít like to do Yoga in a loving way, then donít and donít feel guilty about it. Just practice when you want to and when you love the act of doing it.

This is good advice as it separates those who are playing around with Yoga, and those who really know what is entailed in order to achieve Yog (union).

I donít know whether you have been around people who are mildly ill, or have some minor sickness or not, but so many of them like to complain and talk about it, boring the hell out of those who have to listen to them. Yet there are some few who no matter what illness they have or whatever pain they are in will, due to their love of their fellow man, not bother them with their own suffering, but rather absorb the pain into themselves so that they may be all the more loving, attentive and of assistance to a friend or stranger.

It is here that Will, Love and Absorption all come into play as one unifying force which allows SELF to be experienced, because with this force, transcendence occurs.

Often in meditation people will complain about pain and they will shift and become irritable, or they will have a moment of sheer joy, bringing about laughter. They give in to this emotion just as they give in to the pain. Both are attributes of mind.

I use these two opposites just as an example. Both of them must be absorbed. Either pain or joy in meditation, and all other feelings have to be drawn into your self. You must sit there, still and silent, and as each new vision or emotion arises, use the great unifying force of Will, Love and Absorption to transcend them.

So even if you have to wet your pants or sweat your skin out, remain still and silent, and if emotions of humour, joy, or pain arise Ė or for that matter some long past forgotten memory arising to the surface, utilize Will, Love, and Absorption to transcend.

Samadhi does not come by being comfortable for half an hour and then stopping when you become uncomfortable. You have to break barriers within yourself.

Not many people will attain the super states of higher samadhis, just as many who are artists in one field or another do not become stars on the stage, but at least, in working at Yoga like this Ė with Love, you will find your proper place.

There are those in various fields of endeavour who just donít realize the amount of work that must be done. Yoga is no different. Your unfoldment and transcendence brings Bliss and that Bliss relies in the first moments on Will, Love and Absorption.

Do not get Bliss mixed up with Joy and Happiness. What experiences brings about Joy and happiness can be remembered. The experience that brings about Bliss cannot be remembered. There is no mind there to create a samskara to remember.

Now re-evaluate your interest in Yoga. Quite often it is not what you think it is.



Swami Harinanda

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