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I am not going to pretend that I could predict this great Tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004, but for all those who have taken the Yantra Yoga course and followed it through, would have realized that this year of the earth being a seven year, that great upheavals on earth or below, could happen.

The seven year is described as a great placid ocean with undercurrents broiling away ready to explode. When that is applied to a seven person, one looks into a face of a very placid looking person, who may be undergoing tremendous nervous tensions, ready to explode.

According to Yantra, if in the one year, a person had fallen from Grace, or in other words had created difficult karma for themselves, they would ultimately explode in the seven year and their life would come crashing down on them, only to produce a harvest of their life in their eighth year of pretty poor returns.

I think the Yantra has pretty well proven what a seven year can be like, when you think of what has been happening during this year.

The cycle charts of Yantra for each individual person can show you yourself, just what it is exactly which has brought about such returns in your life. A good gardener does not plant his seed out of season, and then even when he plants them in season he must know from time to time, from cycle to cycle just how to care for his crop – or in the individual’s case, his life’s actions.

Of all the Yogas I have found in Yantra, over the last 53 years, to be the Yoga which has been the most enlightening for discovering the qualities of your inner and outer nature which holds one back from SELF realization, AND the way in which it can be corrected.

The vibration of language has the strongest effect on the brain cells as one develops into adulthood, and if the discord of your name to birth time is prevalent, you will then have an unfulfilled state of Grace in your life.

It is not your fault – nor your parents who named you. They did not know of this Yogic science.

The study itself is very simple – but takes a long time to acquire the skill to use it, so much practice is involved. But don’t you think that is much the same as all the Yogic sadhanas?

Each Yoga is very simple, yet takes time to accomplish – for instance, putting your body into some of the Hatha Yoga postures only takes time to loosen up the muscles and tendons. Then it becomes very easy and does its work of opening the charkas and creating a healthy endocrinal system.

The same with Gnana Yoga. To grasp the dream state, the mayic illusion, is not that difficult, but once fully understood can take you into the realms of enlightenment – providing of course your vibrational life is in balance.

Pranayama Yoga is probably the easiest of the Yogas to learn, but still it takes time to develop.

Living the Karmic Yogic life is not so easy as the others. I have always felt a bit sorry for the poor Karma Yogi, because they must practice to be so precise in all their actions of act and thought, with out any attention at all to the results of said actions – but in time this also can be accomplished.

Raja Yoga, in the practice of Pratyahara is also not so easy, and really it takes a knowledge of all the former to be able to understand what Raja Yoga is.

Mudra Yoga, consisting of many modes of practice, can be left to the individual which they would like to practice during their life time. I have chosen Yantra Yoga, which belongs to that main grouping.

Bhakti Yoga to be performed ideally, is not as easy as most people consider, because it takes constant remembrance of the God you worship.

Laya and Kriya Yoga are rather simple techniques which take a great deal of concentration, but as with the others, in time you can make it a daily happening in your life.

To practice a Yoga you are not ideally suited to is very unfulfilling, as your inner nature is not being fed the food it needs for fulfillment.

So I am not saying that everyone should have a lifelong study of Yantra Yoga, as it may not be their specialty, but it is a good thing to know, so that you can follow your cycles from day to day – month to month and year to year.

With this, speaking about time, I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy and prosperous new year.


Swami Harinanda J

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