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I have noticed that a lot of people, when requesting the free lessons from my web site, just request the Hatha Yoga lessons as they didn’t realize there are 9 Yogas in all.

To really live a Yogic life, you must know of them or about them, and or practice them all while living your daily and functional life. It is not necessary to give up anything, not your entertainment, nor your TV or computer work.

Time is elastic and only the really busy person understands how this works.

You know the old saying, “Gave a job to a busy man and he will get it done”.

As I have said many times before, Yoga is not a cult or a religion, nor a belief system, but a practical way of living from day to day.

You can practice every aspect of daily living as you have done in the past, yet all the while add a bit more here and there of Yoga to your work load.

Remember Yoga has relaxation incorporated into it also. By doing this, you will built in to your self a powerful center of concentration so that everything you do and observe will be heightened.

This will incorporate your sleeping, arising, preparing, eating, leaving for your job, working, meetings and returning home to eat, relax, and associate with family or loved ones. All the while, Yoga can be going on in the background of your mind.

I don’t think there is one aspect of life that Yoga has not considered, so please, according to how elastic you have made your time, look into every facet of this great way to live. You can order my free lessons – all except one that is – and that is the Gnana Yoga, as my book The Portal goes to pay for my webmaster’s work in keeping the site on the Internet, but all the rest are entirely free courses. Besides that you can tell your friends to sign up for the newsletters, or access the past ones at

When you have achieved enough success in the Yantra course I will send you some programs which will do all the mathematical deductions for you.

Parts of Hatha and Pranayama can be done while driving or waiting for a bus.

Kriya needs only 9 minutes of your time, twice a day.

Karma can be practiced every minute of your waking day. This is an absolute glory to learn how to do.

Raja Yoga also can be done in those moments where your not needed to do anything.

There are also many other books by great Yogis you can buy, but I warn you here, sometimes in the writing of these books, the authors step outside the line of objective reality, having one believe that the infallible laws of nature can be broken. Yoga must make sense, so do not be taken in by the fanciful or poetic. They are probably only meant to inspire. Much in the same way an allegory can get a point across to you.


Swami Harinanda

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