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Snakes, apples, tree of life and a garden of Eden, a supposedly wonderful place until Eve offered Adam to bite into the apple.

I would like to explain what all this means in Yogic terms. See what suits you best. Sometimes people love myth and allegory, while others like to relate to some semblance of the truth.

Some who read this will state that it is easy to fit the facts to the myth, like some logicians use numbers to suit their purpose. The latter part is true of course, but you will see that in all mythologies throughout the world, there is some mention of the “fruit”, “the staff of life”, the “snake” and a heavenly world in which we once lived.

Before your mind, which by the way is expressed through your thoughts, which in turn are stimulated by the firing of neurons across your synapses in the brain, became conscious, we as infants in the womb were in a delightful state of being conscious without attributes – in other words, Pure Consciousness unsullied by language, ideals, religions and politics and also family nurturing.

In fact a great deal of our nervous system had not developed completely. One can only be amazed at looking into the eyes of a newborn. When everything is right with them, they are certainly in a state of Bliss – but then the long slow process of instinctive behaviour and conditioning began to take place, and at the same time the body format began to develop.

It is here, as we grow and develop that we send nerve impulses throughout the entire body until it is well enough formed to take a bite out of the proverbial biblical apple – indulgence in the objective world.

We had, in our training already bitten into the tree of knowledge by learning from our culture what is right and wrong, while others, according to their culture, may have been learning the entire opposite.

In this learning we began to direct our pure consciousness outwards to the objective world around us. The crowning glory of this great redirection of awareness away from SELF, was culminated in our sexual energies.

In Yoga training you will find contained within the human body, that we have our hair and mental energies as the roots and sap of a tree. In that sap was contained Pure Consciousness residing in the Crown chakra, the saharsarara center.

As consciousness began to take on “attributes” of knowledge, it began to send its energies down two great Psychic nerves on either side of the spine. One is called the Ida nerve, or the Eve emotional energies, and the other is called the Pingala, or the Adam or the reason side of our nature.

Life itself really began to express itself by procreation of the species, and it was here that Adam took a bite out of Eve’s apple of desire. The unused energies not having anywhere to go resided in what is called the Peter center, the first principle, or the coccyx center. In resting there it began to gather strength on its own becoming known as the coiled snake, the serpent of the garden of Eden, which tempted both Adam and Eve, or I should say, reason and emotion to unite. This coiled snake is known as kundalini, the great Eve Shakti force of the entire universe, as opposed to the Adam force of Prakritti, or matter. Shakti and Prakritti when wedded are what make the visible world appear real to us.

In this great allegorical story of Eden, we can see how the human body itself is the garden, the tree of life is knowledge of good and evil, and the vital forces of all our energies is the coiled snake, and the apple is the participation in this objective state of attributable consciousness.

Of course, Yogis knowing this, created a system of reversing this entire procedure by neutralizing Ida and Pingala and drawing Kundalini Shakti upwards back to the homeland, Israel, or the Crown Chakra.

In doing so, the parting of the red sea occurs in that the Ida and Pingala nerve now being controlled and neutralized, one can “walk” up the shushumna canal in the center of the spine – thus the parting of the waters (or the parting of the Red Sea).

On its way it must open the various charkas in the spine or the “stations of the cross”.

It finally opens the third eye chakra, the 6th center (the Star of the East) and begins its journey of spiritual energy from the land of milk and honey (the pituitary gland and the pineal gland) down the pancreatic nerve (The river Jordan) to the 3rd chakra, called the manger center, where Christ Consciousness is born.

That term comes from Christus , meaning in Greek to be anointed – or the anointed one.

When you realize you have been anointed in Christ consciousness, you then begin to lift that spiritual energy back up to the Crown chakra, where “I and my Father are one”.

That is not only a possibility but an admonition by Christ in the Bible, when he says “Be ye perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect”.

This is the singular journey of the mystic and the Yogi. The mystic will open these centers by his devotional cravings, where as the Yogi will take a scientific route.

I have often stated to students to report on their experiences because certain things happen when you are practicing the techniques correctly. In other words when the 3rd eye begins to open, there is a sign that you see – everyone sees it. It is a biological reference to glandular excretions.

When kundalini moves, there is also a sign. Same with every aspect of Yoga. As you develop yourself you can check if you like with others to see if they have had the same experience. They will have had.

Much the same as all near death experiencers. They all see a tunnel with a light at the end. They all see variables of friends, flowers, and usually a voice which says “go back”. And the experience is ethereal and heavenly.

That is because hormones are stimulated when reaching near death – but it is not death. These hormones stimulate the inner sight and projected on the mind’s canvas we will all see the same thing, if we were to have a NDE.

We know hormones working out of our control do this because we can imitate much the same thing with LSD and other drugs. Hallucinations are rather easy to create. Hopi Indians have been doing it for centuries, and so have other cultures.

So when you are reading your Bible or other religious texts, look for hidden meanings and mythological ones also. That’s all scriptures are. That’s all they could be. Remember the time they were written and the educative mind at that time was pretty much nil, thus allegory was necessary – just to give a vision, and that was a good thing for the times.


Swami Harinanda

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