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After fifty odd years of presenting information on Yoga, to be fair, I think I have also shown both sides to many arguments of a spiritual and philosophical nature. This has included both the need for and the absence of that need, for religions, dogma and superstitions. All this because of man's innate nature to quest for the truth of heavens, hells and hereafters, of reincarnation and karma and all the host of side issues that the quest gives rise to.

Usually after all the "thinking" has been done, one is left in the same quagmire as he started out with on his quest.

When minds are in confusion over some of these weighty aspirations it has been found that because the answer is looked for with the same confused mind, then a confused answer will manifest from that same confusion; thus giving rise to more confusion and one must begin all over again. I try to elucidate clearly just what is necessary in order to attain self-realization without having to knock one's head against the same brick wall over and over again.

The inner Self is trying desperately to have its fulfillment through you, but as it rises slowly upwards and becomes conscious in your mental expression, it becomes greatly distorted.

I will show you two ways how you can achieve a direct reading of Soul force without any distortion at all. One is extrovertical, and the other is introvertical.

By employing the techniques of Yantra Yoga, one can find an immediate and balanced harmony by reconfiguring the mathematical vibration of your name in accord with the time you were born into this earth plane. Your own name then will be used as a balanced and harmonizing life long Mantra for you. The introverted way is to dive so deeply within one's Self that all mental fluctuations cease. In this way the SELF becomes self evident and so also does its message of self fulfillment for you. You tune in. It's as though station CKBX is sending its broadcast, and your radio can be so finely dialed that in tuning in to CKBX you hear the message crisp and clear.

To get to this state is of course what Yoga is all about. If you have the good fortune of knowing a teacher who can emanate this truth to you in silence (mouna) then all the better.

This next quote is taken directly from a book of questions and answers to Ramana Maharshi.

A questioner asks, "Why doesn't Ramana go about and teach the Truth to the people at large?"

Ramana answers: "How do you know I am not doing it? Does preaching consist of mounting a platform and haranguing the people around? Preaching is a simple communication of knowledge, it can really be done in Silence only. What do you think of a man who listens to a sermon for an hour or so and goes away without having been impressed by it enough to have changed his life? Compare him to another who sits in a Holy Presence and goes away after some time with his outlook on life totally changed. Which is better, to preach loudly without effect or to sit Silently and send out Inner Force?"

Again, how does speech arise? There is abstract knowledge, whence arises the ego, which in turn gives rise to thought and thought to the spoken word. So the Word is the great grandson of the original source. If the word can produce effect, judge for yourself how much more powerful must be the preaching through silence.

People do not understand this simple bare Truth, the truth of their ever present eternal experience. This Truth is that of the Self. Is there anyone unaware of the Self?, but they do not like to even hear of this truth, whereas they are eager to know what lies beyond, about heaven and hell and reincarnation."

Because they love a mystery and not the truth, and love excitation and not silence they have formed all sorts of ceremonies which are meant to bring them to that truth, but in reality just because of the ceremony, the trappings and the religiosity, just the opposite happens. Eventually come hell or high water, everyone must return to the SELF in total silence.

Patanjali knew this better than anyone when he wrote his most famous of the aphorisms , Chitta Vritti Nirhoda, which means, total and complete annihilation of all mental fluctuations - SILENCE - no thought.

To abide in the Self one must look for a route. One route is to study Yantra and choose a harmonized name for yourself, and another is to enter in to the Silence - and one way to do that is to use Ramana's sadhana, by asking "Who am I". There are other sure ways also.

My meditative technique is another way. Unlike all the others which use objects of concentration or mantras to center one's mind, my way will allow you to meditate while you walk for a bus or do your daily chores, and nothing will be cemented in the mind that will have to be eventually got rid of, such as a mantra or a fixed object. You must realize that after years of meditating on a Mantra it becomes self starting; thus one is never free of it. The needle gets stuck in the groove. You have to be free of all mental fluctuations.



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