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It seems difficult for most students to understand, even intellectually, the fact that this so called real world we live in is nothing but an illusion a construct of mind really, a hallucination.

It is quite natural when most people touch themselves, see themselves and relate to others, that it all must appear real. One thinks that one really does exist as an individual unit but, I am going to try and show you how this visible world and the not so visible worlds of dreams and hallucinations are equally as unreal.

It all has to do with the concomitant law of each world image produced by the brain in response to thought and the firing of billions of neurons across synapses in the brain.

We are not true scientist and cannot understand as a scientist might, how we are deceived into thinking “things” are real, that there is real substance to matter, so I will take you on a visit to a few of the concomitant laws of various realms which the brain allows to open up when consciousness wishes to express itself according to its illusorary dream-like hormonal output.


The beginning is when we are without any form of attributable consciousness. That is, consciousness which has no awareness of me and mine and “things”. The sleeping consciousness. The consciousness that will be the repository of all that is to come to the unborn child.

Needless to say, it would be presumptuous of me to say just what fetuses beginning state of consciousness is, but I can, and so can you, know through direct experience what the sleeping consciousness is - NOTHING! At night, while we are in deep sleep, we are void, and devoid of any awareness whatsoever, yet we all have to accept the fact that we existed in that state. No one in their right mind can deny their own existence, even while not aware of it, for we have all had that direct experience.

As soon as that state of pure and unadulterated consciousness begins to awaken into the dream state it enters into a world which is very real while dreaming, and here is the important thing, it enters into a world controlled by concomitant laws which makes that mental world APPEAR real, so real in fact that you may awaken into another world of illusion screaming, sweating and in abject fear because what you thought was real frightened you so. Yet on awakening, the understanding of it being an illusion and not real at all, smacks you full in the face, and after taking a deep breath you can once again return to sleep and hopefully not to dream that same nightmare.

In your dream it seems quite natural that your feet get stuck with fear on the pavement while an assailant chases you, or that you can float or fly above a crowd or a grand vista. It all appears quite natural. It is also natural that you may speak to a dead parent as though they were alive, and the joy of seeing them alive, yet knowing them dead, all appears as natural as having, in the next instant, a new scene appears before you, with the former one already forgotten.

These few aspects of dreaming are what are called the concomitant laws - that which makes something appear to be real. One of the dictionary explanations is “Existence of a thing in association”. Things become real in the dream state because of the minds allocation of time and space and the ability to make what is not possible in the observable waking world possible. The direct existence of ones feet being stuck while being chased is in association to our acceptance of the concomitant laws of the dream state. Our acceptance of the abrupt change in that scene makes it appear real and that the next scene of a dead Mother who is alive.

We accept these laws and there are many more examples than what I have mentioned here, but that is all I need to explain in order for you to realize that it is our acceptance of their reality, that we believe while dreaming, the dream to be real. So much so, that we cross over (awaken from our deep sleep) into the waking world with a scream or sweating skin and waking fear and pounding heart.

Curiously, when we fully awaken we fall in the same trap as we did in the dream. We have come to accept the reality of the “existence of the waking world through association” to the concomitant laws which we have come to believe to be as real as the dream-like ones.

We believe in Time and Space. We believe that it takes so much time to travel from New York to London, whereas in the dream, without even thinking about it, or know where we are going, we find ourselves in New York and believe it to be true because of the concomitant law.

Our laws of the waking world are four major ones, the Strong force, the Weak Force, Magnetism, and Gravity, and I will come back to these in a moment, but for now, the laws which we do understand well are gravity, time and space, immutable forces meeting immovable objects, beginnings and endings etc etc.

These concomitant laws make this waking world appear real to us also, but only because we have bought in to it, just as we buy into the dream concomitant laws.

There are those people who, when dreaming, know it and can awaken themselves from it at Will, and also, there are Yogis who can awaken themselves from this objective reality and enter other worlds where there are no laws such as strong forces being warded off by strong objects in fact the reverse is true. In some of these other world, one can merge with another being by entering into them and being one with them. This world also appears real because of its laws.

Thought travel in these ethereal worlds appears real. One thinks the Moon and one is there as quick as the thought is expressed.

The Astral world is as equally unreal as all the others, being nothing but a manifestation of a mind opened up into other mansions of itself. They all appear real while in them because of concomitant law.

I have written on this subject before but not in as much detail, but now I would like to explain what a Yogi does to discover, if he is not real, just who he really is. He wakes up in Truriya, that 4th state of consciousness which is not bound by concomitance, and just as you realize the dream is not real when you awaken into the objective world, so you realize that the objective world is not real when you awaken in Truriya.

Awakening into Truriya is a bit of problem for some to understand, because if it is like deep sleep, a consciousness without attributes, then why go to all the trouble to meditate and discipline oneself to attain Pure Consciousness, which is a consciousness without attributes. The reason is this:

In Truriya you are awake, and here in this state you know that Truriya is Self illuminating, not perishable, ever conscious, ever existent and ever blissful, and is the true absolute reality. The objective world you left is now known to be a shadow picture placed on the screen of the pure consciousness you now ARE. The difference between deep sleep and Truriya is that in deep sleep, unlike in Truriya, you are not awake to the process of regeneration, of revitalizing and nourishment that goes on. Additionally, in deep sleep you do not have the state of Bliss that has you ready to face the next days illusions... but in Truriya, you do!


Coming back to the Strong force, The Weak Force, Gravity and Magnetism I would like to put forward something for you all to think about.

It is these 4 forces which are the basis of all life in all the universes. Our world exists because of them, and all other laws stem from them, creation, dissolution, genetics, and evolution etc.

If there was a God that created these 4 forces, then his job is done and he is not needed anymore as anything added to or taken away from these 4 forces would remove the world as we know it. This is it. This is what those 4 forces created. There can be no other law or force created without changing the universe or eradicating it altogether.

I make this statement without really understanding the science of it, so if there is anyone of you out there who is a scientist and can explain it in further detail, I would like to receive it to pass on to everyone, because if, as it was explained to me, these 4 forces are the substance of all life, and in the yogic world, the illusory world of concomitant law, then it would seem that had there been a God who created these laws, then he is now redundant. If there was no God, but just the laws themselves which came into being by their singular forces coming together, then religion has been the greatest hoax of all time.

For someone who likes to think about things like this, rather than become emotionally stressed over it, it makes a fascinating study.

If the above about the 4 forces is upsetting to you, just ignore it, and try and understand the above mention of the concomitant laws and Maya, because that is important to delving deep beneath the surface of the illusions of life and important in attaining Samadhi.



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