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Swami Harinanda

December 25, 1928 to August 19, 2014

Sadly, I must inform you that Swami Harinanda passed away early in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. His death came quickly and without pain. As per his wishes there was no service nor memorial, although he would have appreciated donations to the SPCA or any animal shelter that you like. It goes without saying that this one–of–a–kind and great man will be greatly missed.

I first came to know Swami Harinanda around 1995. He was a customer of mine. One way or another, we got talking about spirituality and he mentioned to me that he was a swami. I must admit, I thought he was joking. But then I realized he was serious. We corresponded by email. Amazingly, I still have a printed copy of his early emails to this day.

Swami Harinanda was able to answer some of my basic questions about yoga and although I had started on the yogic path before I met him, talking to and knowing Swami Harinanda helped make my path more clear.

I was lucky enough to have met Swami Harinanda for the first time in April, 1996. I can remember the first time I met him as I drove up to his house. He came outside to greet me — I felt a great sense of joy and calm come over me.

The next day, Swami Harinanda personally taught me the science of yantra yoga at his dining table. I wrote down the principles of yantra yoga on both sides of a blank piece of paper as Swami Harinanda talked. It was a beautiful moment for me — finally my teacher had come. These lessons I still have to this day and still act as my foundation regarding yantra yoga.

Starting around late 1996 to 1997, I helped Swami Harinanda build an early web site. Later we expanded and moved his web site to this current location Swami Harinanda wanted people to see the words real yoga — he wanted people to awaken to the truth of what real yoga is not. Swami Harinanda was not interested in yoga for health.

While building the real yoga web site, Swami Harinanda didn't know what information we should add. So I suggested to him that we should add informaton that is not easily found elsewhere regarding real yoga. I told Swami Harinanda that myself and others want to know why we should practice yoga, what are the types of yoga, who are some famous yogis and a lesson in pure hatha yoga. So this is what we did. I asked the questions, Swami Harinanda wrote the content.

Swami Harinanda was a pure teacher. He would never accept money for teaching. Yoga or spirituality is part of universal knowledge that belongs to everyone. Therefore, one cannot charge for what already belongs to them. Swami Harinanda always said that a good teacher has a day job and then teaches on his or her own time for free. The teacher should pay for any room rental, etc — this is the sign of a pure teacher which Swami Harinanda was.

Swami Harinanda was taught or told personally by Ramana Marharshi to never accept payment and as Swami Harinanda would always say, Ramana Maharshi is never wrong.

Swami Harinanda did not go to meet Ramana Maharshi in India, instead, they met on the astral plane. Ramana told Swami Harinanda that he did not need to be in a cave or anything like that to be a good student of yoga. Swami Harinanda took those words to heart and lived a normal life while being totally dedicated to self realization.

Swami Harinanda knew many little or lesser known things about yoga. He really studied the theory of yoga and put himself into a position to meet people that would impact him. Somewhere along the way he learned the Master's Chant, as an example, and many more things. Swami Harinanda would openly teach kriya yoga as well. Swami Harinanda loved the yogic life and just absorbed every little detail.

In 1996, I was personally quite ill and possibly near death. Swami Harinanda gave me the book on Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekanda to read. It was the best medicine I've ever received. From that day onwards, I fell madly in love with karma yoga. Knowing this, Swami Harinanda bestowed the name Karmananda to me. I thank him very much for this honour.

Swami Harinanda was a good teacher, a good person and a good friend.

- Yogi Karmananda

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Real Yoga consists of getting rid of - throwing out - emptying the mind - not being attached to and being one with Self, the Self without attributes.

In the former chapters I have led the way in guiding the reader away from concepts which are dearly held by so many and which by themselves hold the sincere Yogi from ever attaining the highest goal of all, Moksha. This Moksha, liberation, does not mean to be free in order to strike out as you have always done, but without guilt, nor does it mean you can be a law unto yourself. What it does mean is that you will be free from the illusory aspect of this so called reality of the waking world and all the other worlds. You will reside in the fourth state of pure consciousness called Turiya. It is a state of pure consciousness without attributes, where in awareness you experience satchitananda.

By the practice of pratyahara, the withdrawing of the senses into your internal heart center, known as the Hridian center, all attributes of the senses and mind will be absorbed much in the same way a small black hole sucks in and absorbs large heavenly bodies.

The Hridian center is smaller than a pin prick and resides as your spiritual center on the right side of the chest just 4 digits over from the physical heart, and in drawing in your sense perceptions, you will be left selfless, and reside eternally as a Sahaja experiencing the Absolute as Satchitananda.

This experience of Satchitananda is mystical in that it cannot be explained or experienced without annhilation of the chitta vritti, and because of that, in the trying, gods and goddesses have been created Out of ignorance , in desiring to return to our birthright, we created these gods and goddesses, gods of nature,. gods in human form. Miraculous gods and even that most whispy, ephemeral of concepts, God Himself, the creator of all.

We would have gone completely mad, considering our early mental developments had we not invented them. The God of Thunder and Lightening gave us the ability to appease the natural elements, and satiate the Volcanic God's thirsting for his young virgins to be swallowed down his boiling throat. All of these early stages in man's mental ignorance has led, to this day, the residual belief that there is actually some supreme being, some power with a will and intelligence of its own, quite apart from ours.

When one finally arrives at a stage, understanding that it is we who spin this world with all it's attributes into existence, then the idea of "letting go" and chucking out becomes much easier.

It is from this point that Real Yoga truly begins.

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