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Swami Harinanda

December 25, 1928 to August 19, 2014

Sadly, I must inform you that Swami Harinanda passed away early in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. His death came quickly and without pain. As per his wishes there was no service nor memorial, although he would have appreciated donations to the SPCA or any animal shelter that you like. It goes without saying that this one–of–a–kind and great man will be greatly missed.

I first came to know Swami Harinanda around 1995. He was a customer of mine. One way or another, we got talking about spirituality and he mentioned to me that he was a swami. I must admit, I thought he was joking. But then I realized he was serious. We corresponded by email. Amazingly, I still have a printed copy of his early emails to this day.

Swami Harinanda was able to answer some of my basic questions about yoga and although I had started on the yogic path before I met him, talking to and knowing Swami Harinanda helped make my path more clear.

I was lucky enough to have met Swami Harinanda for the first time in April, 1996. I can remember the first time I met him as I drove up to his house. He came outside to greet me — I felt a great sense of joy and calm come over me.

The next day, Swami Harinanda personally taught me the science of yantra yoga at his dining table. I wrote down the principles of yantra yoga on both sides of a blank piece of paper as Swami Harinanda talked. It was a beautiful moment for me — finally my teacher had come. These lessons I still have to this day and still act as my foundation regarding yantra yoga.

Starting around late 1996 to 1997, I helped Swami Harinanda build an early web site. Later we expanded and moved his web site to this current location Swami Harinanda wanted people to see the words real yoga — he wanted people to awaken to the truth of what real yoga is not. Swami Harinanda was not interested in yoga for health.

While building the real yoga web site, Swami Harinanda didn't know what information we should add. So I suggested to him that we should add informaton that is not easily found elsewhere regarding real yoga. I told Swami Harinanda that myself and others want to know why we should practice yoga, what are the types of yoga, who are some famous yogis and a lesson in pure hatha yoga. So this is what we did. I asked the questions, Swami Harinanda wrote the content.

Swami Harinanda was a pure teacher. He would never accept money for teaching. Yoga or spirituality is part of universal knowledge that belongs to everyone. Therefore, one cannot charge for what already belongs to them. Swami Harinanda always said that a good teacher has a day job and then teaches on his or her own time for free. The teacher should pay for any room rental, etc — this is the sign of a pure teacher which Swami Harinanda was.

Swami Harinanda was taught or told personally by Ramana Marharshi to never accept payment and as Swami Harinanda would always say, Ramana Maharshi is never wrong.

Swami Harinanda did not go to meet Ramana Maharshi in India, instead, they met on the astral plane. Ramana told Swami Harinanda that he did not need to be in a cave or anything like that to be a good student of yoga. Swami Harinanda took those words to heart and lived a normal life while being totally dedicated to self realization.

Swami Harinanda knew many little or lesser known things about yoga. He really studied the theory of yoga and put himself into a position to meet people that would impact him. Somewhere along the way he learned the Master's Chant, as an example, and many more things. Swami Harinanda would openly teach kriya yoga as well. Swami Harinanda loved the yogic life and just absorbed every little detail.

In 1996, I was personally quite ill and possibly near death. Swami Harinanda gave me the book on Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekanda to read. It was the best medicine I've ever received. From that day onwards, I fell madly in love with karma yoga. Knowing this, Swami Harinanda bestowed the name Karmananda to me. I thank him very much for this honour.

Swami Harinanda was a good teacher, a good person and a good friend.

- Yogi Karmananda

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How we all love our toys, our possessions, the loves we become attached to. On a clear night we stand in awe of the night sky, brilliant with its starry jewels. We can never own them - yet there is such a beauty in the seeing of it.


Klesa- Literally 'pain,' but philosophically 'that love of pleasure or of worldly enjoyment, good or evil,' which is the cause of the pain and suffering experienced by man.

The word is derived from the verb-root klis -- to suffer. According to Yoga philosophy there are five Klesas: ignorance, egotism, desire, aversion, and tenacity of worldly existence. According to Buddhism there are ten Klesas: three sins of the body, four of speech, and three of the mind. In order to progress on the spiritual path, it is essential to remove these Klesas.

Imagine if you will, standing on a clear evening, looking at the sky, seeing with the naked eye some 6 or 7000 suns shining brightly. At one time we thought that was the end of our universe - until the advent of the telescope, when the boundaries were pushed further and further back into space, until now we envision millions of light years distances. Recently with the placement of large telescopes in space, those horizons will be extended even further and so on it goes without end.

The problem is, we have been brought up and conditioned to believe in beginnings and endings, and find it difficult to conceive of this timeless state. Imagine also if you will, a circle with a center "everywhere" and a circumference "nowhere". It stretches the imagination doesn't it?

We have been told by the Yogis and more recently by our scientists that our entire Universe is comprised of self-willed atomic energy. As energy can't be destroyed, but only changed, then we have the transmutation of energy into matter and visa versa. This is none other than the Yogi's Shakti (Energy) and Prakritti (Matter). This interchangeable quality of the Purusha (SELF) to flip from one side of the coin to the other has brought about the unique concept of Maya (Illusion), into making us believe that in fact, that one shape or manifested form had a beginning and ultimately an end, when all the time the underlying nature - the Purusha hasn't changed at all.

Think of it this way. There are a few gold objects on a table, a ring, a man's watch and a bracelet. A child sees the objects as articles to juggle around and play with. A young person who has developed discrimination will choose the watch for his wrist. A metallurgist on the other hand will see the 'base' gold and take an interest in how that base has been crafted, while a thief will see only "Gold". He will still know what the objects are but pays very little attention to that aspect of them .

If our view of consciousness has been raised to the point where we are able to use it's illuminating quality, then objects in themselves become of little or no importance. As with the coin, its existence at any given time, in space and time, has not really changed, but only the form has been changed. The form then is transient and depending on our attachment to it will determine the amount of repulsion and attraction accompanies it's gain or loss.

This multiplistic myriad of duplicities is what is called Maya Maya gives rise to Karma, that illusory and really non existent law of cause and effect.

Cause and Effect in Christian teaching is stipulated as, "as you sow, so also you reap". the printed photograph is a direct imprint of the negative - the cause and the effect. On the atomic level we know of this law of cause and effect, but wonder just what it has to do with our consciousness. Our levels of consciousness on the physical plane (Kosa) are quite easily understood, but until one discovers and experiences the various other planes - of existence - Astral, Causal, and Ethereal or Ideational, he is then still bound by the gross atomic law, and what one puts into "cause" with one's thinking and actions, will have a direct "effect" on their life."

How many times have you heard someone cry; "Why is this happening to me. What did I do to deserve it?" friends sitting back and less attached know the why and the wherefores, and can say "They deserved it. It was coming to them"

One who is too tied up to his own ego is apt to believe the face in the mirror he sees is really himself. The closer he gets to the mirror, the less separation there is. Ego is the quality that creates attachment. It is the seed if "me" and "mine". In developing along the path of Yoga with all its disciplines and practice of pratyahara (withdrawing in of the senses) there arrives a state where one is taken back to the "base" gold of consciousness and sees with 'choiceless awareness' this life of shadow pictures in which he is placed.

A two fold occurrence takes place. While pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) is practiced, Samadhi (Union with Self) is slowly attained; consequently Sat Chit Ananda ( being, infinite Existence and Consciousness and Bliss) is achieved, and through choiceless awareness a transformation happens-total annihilation of the chitti vritti (mental fluctuations) and thus freedom from attachment.

Like the thief in the night, it is the pure gold we now possess and transient "things" which have been modified from it, now have no real interest for us; thus our attachment to them causes neither pain nor pleasure nor does their loss cause pain.

That then is the Philosophy of Klesas. With that knowledge a Yogi learns to look at the base of lives existence, which is not other than pure consciousness. Consciousness without attributes.


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