I am getting a number of letters from members of my site asking where the newsletters are. They are saying they have not received one for a while.

Some people write stating they enjoy the lessons. Others state that questions long held have been answered, while still others find funny little things to complain about, such as why does my webmaster have at the bottom of the page something to the effect that all information belongs to Jai Dee Marketing, in which he stated that I should not own anything, as nothing really belongs to us. Well quite true, but a bit picky I thought as it is just a business formality.

There are those that naturally do not like what I say as it sometimes steps outside the precepts of some of the main teachings of classical scripture. As it is these same long held beliefs that seem to cause all the problems in the world today, i.e.: Muslim against Hindu, Catholic against Protestant and now more recently Muslim against Christian, it is time to really be thinking of eradicating some of the fundamentals of early belief systems.

I think I realize better than most how conditioning can block any true spiritual unfoldment, especially when that conditioning chains people to the letter of the scripture rather than to the spirit of it. It is the damage which ensues from the former that causes so much heartache and trouble in the world. When you really think about it, it is all so silly. For example:

We Jews are the chosen people.
There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ.
There is only one God - Allah

...and so on it goes - each religion being very precious and specialized and unique. This causes dissention. When there was no crossovers of various cultures it didn't cause too much of a problem, but now with the world being so small, it now shows itself up as being downright narrowing in concept.

So back to the newsletters:  I think I have covered everything, and at the expense of being too repetitious, I would like to direct you to the archive section of newsletters at:


If any of you would like something discussed in detail, or if there is some question or concept that still disturbs you, that you would like me to write about, just send an email to me and I will post a new newsletter on that subject.