If you are over 55 you will have found already that health has begun to deteriorate - not in everyone, but most people have a real sharp decline in their vitality from that age onwards and youth begins to wane.

I would like to take you through some very simple steps to help you regain your youth. These steps are medically safe, natural, and easy to perform and they are in fact, just common sense.

Most of us are lazy, well! Maybe not lazy, but we get into bad habits, comfortable habits, and habits that inevitably lead to sickness and lack of vitality.

The body needs for health are water, food, fresh air, and exercise. Yep, you guessed it, the one thing lacking in most ill people is exercise. Well, here are some simple, easy and natural exercises taken from the ancient Yoga postures which will revitalize the electrical energies in your body, almost over night. I will give you a simple and easy to follow systematic procedure to get the blood flowing in the veins and arteries again.

Tip 1: As soon as you get up in the morning and are sitting on the edge of the bed - stretch! Yes stretch your arms up and over your head, then to the sides. Now roll your shoulders in large circles forward and then backwards. Now stretch your legs forward and stretch them and then make large circles with your legs - in both directions. That's enough!

Simple wasn't it? Who said exercise wasn't easy.

While sitting on the edge of bed, straighten the back, but do not be rigid, now take in a deep breath to the count of 12 and hold it in for the count of three, then breath out for the count of 12 and hold it out for the count of three. Make sure you expel every last bit of stale air from the lungs. Repeat this 15 times. Count on your fingers as you do the breath.

That is something you have never done before and it is easy. It just takes a bit of organization in your mind. Now you can wash up and prepare for breakfast, BUT before preparing breakfast, and this is important, put 1 tablespoon of pure Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of HOT TAP WATER. Drink that slowly while preparing breakfast. This will cleanse the stomach and break up arthritic crystals in the joints. NO, it won't happen over night, but you will notice remarkable changes in your health and vitality by this small morning procedure.

You have heard from many sources that it is essential to drink lots of water during the day - WELL IT IS, but first you must have the right kind of water. No matter where you live, our water is polluted. Get a good water purifier for yourself but, make sure the water purifier doesn't remove all of the natural minerals found in water. Minerals are the spark of life and many water purifiers not only remove the bad things in water, but the good things too. So do some research and find yourself a good water purifier.

Bottled water is another choice. Not all bottled water is good though. It is best to have either spring or glacial water. Bourassa Glacial is one of your best sources of bottled water due to the fact that the watershed from where the glacial water comes from is not polluted. Bourassa water isn't available everywhere at the moment, but it probably will in the near future. Regardless though, read the labels of the water you buy.

Boiled water removes all the essential minerals, so it is not good for you either... It just makes sense doesn't it, and if it makes sense I want to do it. I hope you will too.

So really work at drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day. Do not count your other beverages as water. I will discuss that later.

Now remember we are working to attain youthful vigor and vitality!!

Tip 2: FOOD: We all have to eat, so why not eat right. It's natural, it tastes good and it makes sense.

So many older people do not eat breakfast. You know how it has been touted to be the most important meal of the day? Well for some it is and for others it is not that important. How do you feel about it? If you like to eat, then eat regularly balanced breakfasts. If you don't like to eat breakfast, at least have a piece of fruit and some fruit juice, before you have that SPECIAL MORNING COFFEE and cigarette.

I know, I know, you have your special little habits you do after breakfast, but remember this is going to be a new pattern for you. You want your youth and vitality back, right? Well as soon as you have dressed and had breakfast, put on some good walking shoes and go for a walk. How far? That depends on how unwell you are. If you are sore and stiff and have joint problems, sometimes a short walk after breakfast can "walk out" some of that stiffness. If you do to much you can aggravate the stiffness. BUT BEGIN TO WALK. Make it a habit.

It doesn't matter how far, but begin. Each day you can extend the walk. For those of you that are unwell a few yards extra every other day will extend your ability. For those well enough to walk , then extend a of a mile every week, until you at least walk 3 miles a day.

I can assure you, after one month of walking you will want to take an evening walk also. You will get tuned in to this new vitality. This walking business only takes an hour out of your day, so don't begrudge yourself that moment. Hey! Wait a minute! You don't want to walk because it's raining?, or cold? NONSENSE. Now that doesn't make sense. We have clothing to protect us. Once you start to walk DON'T GIVE UP - keep it up. Sure it takes a bit of Will, but you know it is said that Will is the Self in action, and you are going to get in tune with yourself.

Our birthright is health and happiness and let me add, vitality, so let's regain it.



Tip 3: I am not going to give you a diet. There are too many of those around already and the news is, none of them work. Oh sure, they work for the moment, but as soon as you go back to cheating and eating what you like again, the fat and ill health returns.

What I am going to tell you about food makes sense. It has nothing to do with you being fat or slim, but it does have something to do with eating the wrong kind of fat. It does have something to do with changing the way you eat, but not so much what you eat.

In other words you can have a great steak any time at any meal, but make sure it is no more than 5 ounces and not too marbled. Have that three times a day if you wish. It is what goes with it that makes the meal vital and health giving. It is what you have been used to mixing with your meals that have made you sore, stiff and unhealthy. So food is the fuel that gives you the caloric energy.

I am going to tell you the foods that are harming you. So give them up in accordance to how much sense it makes to you.

Give up POP - cokes etc, even the ones that say diet coke. The plain cokes have about 6 tsps of sugar in each bottle, and the diet ones are suspect as the sweetener they use is thought to have harmful effects.

Sugar is the big no no.

White flour also

They contain no nutrients. Sure they contain calories, but no vitality for you that is enriching your health .

Milk is another baddie. Unbelievably it ROBS calcium from your bones.

Hard to believe isn't it after all the propaganda we heard about milk. If you are interested in a report on scientific testing of milk I will be glad to send it to you. Do not drink Milk.

Coffee, our great stimulant - well try and cut back - and cut back - and cut back again, to maybe one on the morning.

So you want to cheat, or you are out with friends, then cheat. It is what we do all the time that is harming us, not what we do sometime, and remember this, the harder you work and sweat , the more you can eat anything you wish. The body burns off all the harmful effects.

It just makes sense though to eat properly as often as you can.

When you mix a protein with a starch you acidify the system, so what you want to learn to do is have protein with neutral vegetables or fruit, and starches the same way. How does it work? If you have a steak, then have a good side of fresh green vegetables alongside, or a large salad.

If you are a potato lover then have them with lentils and a salad. There are many ways to create potato dishes that can be a meal in itself.

So without giving you a diet, make sure you have your different food groups with this one proviso; do not mix proteins and starches. Remember it is your health we are talking about. When you are back running and working out again, you can cheat. You can cheat as much as your body will stand. You will know when it is time to start watching your food intake again, because your joints and vitality will go down again.

Have you noticed when you are walking around the Malls, how the young people are walking briskly with full vitality, and look around, remember you are one of them, the older group will be slouching and shuffling. Well you want to get back that young vital feeling again.

You don't have to change much of the way you live, just add to it. What you add is "thought". Giving a little thought to how you function will change your life.

For example How do you have bacon and eggs and hash brown, without the hash brown? Well think about it, just have an omellette with cheese, or mushrooms and some green or red peppers. Have porridge for breakfast - it lowers cholesterol. Have two poached eggs and toast a little later with coffee.

There are many wonderful drinks you can make in a blender for breakfast. Go to your local health store and find out what they are. Add some special blended Greens to your drink. Yes you can buy a lot of healthful food in the health store. Sure it's a bit more expensive, but rather spend on health then on drugs.

Lunches can range from fruit and cottage cheese or a bit of ice cream, all the way to a Scandinavian open sandwich. OOPS! I mentioned Cottage cheese and Ice Cream. Milk products. Yep, so is Yoghurt and Cheese, but these milk products are not too bad for you. First of all you are not having them every day and also they have taken on a different procedure in production. Milk on the other hand is drunk everyday, many times a day.

If you are really worried about your calcium intake, you can use sesame seeds - a teaspoon of tahini butter a day is adequate. Kelp also sprinkled over salads is a great means of calcium and also iodine for the thyroid - all natural too.

For supper (dinner) try and balance the equivalent of 4 ounces of protein (beef, chicken, lamb) or protein in the form of soya meats, and lentils and beans.

You can make a complete protein by combining beans or lentils with rice.

Add to this 4 ounce of protein, the equivalent of about 3 cups of vegetables, any kind, raw salad and fruit for supper. These are just ideas for you to try. The point is to stay away from excessive fat, sugars and white flour products.

The proper oil to use is Olive oil - virgin or triple virgin if you can get it.

Don't get hung up on what is saturated and what is not , just use Olive Oil and you are home free.

For you mathematical types, try and keep a balance of 21 grams of Protein to 27 grams of carbohydrates, to 9 grams of fat. To get a picture of that a small 4 ounce steak, a palm sized piece of chicken, a small piece of fish will equal that in the proteins


2 cups of vegetables and a small salad will equal the carbohydrates and 1 tsp of olive oil will equal the fat needed for this healthy balance.

Most days try and stick to the way - a don't forget your fruit. Have a couple of snacks a day with one ounce of cheese and a small apple, or cheese and some celery.

Feel like ice cream sometimes? Get the good stuff - not the fat reduced. The good stuff is in proper balance to have a snack. This kind of eating will aid you people who have diabetes as it is on line with the great Dr. Barry Searle's diabetes diet.

Before we get into the good stuff, lets take an hour off and do some postures on the living room floor. I am sure you remember the simple exercises we did in school when we were young.

1: Bend over and touch toes - keeps knees straight. Now don't be severe, take it easy. You're not a kid yet!

2: With legs apart, hands on hips and rotate the upper body in circles, all the way forward, over to the side and all the way back. Don't do it too vigorously at first as you can get dizzy - work in to it and you will soon by as limber as a kitten.

3: Hold arms out to the side and begin to make large circles with your arms, like a windmill, first forward and then backwards.

4: Holding arms parallel to the floor but outstretched to the sides, begin to twist upper torso , letting the arms flap against your sides as you swing, first right and then left.

5: Now kneel on the floor, sit on your heels and bend forward keeping your bum on the floor while stretching arms and head forward to touch the floor.

6: Keeping on the knees and heels begin to bend backward as far as you go without any stress. Use elbows on the floor to hold yourself.

7: Now lay flat on back, shimmy hips and legs down as far as they will go without moving upper body, and now shimmy upper body away from hips, without moving them. When you are stretched like this, throw your arms over your head and lie there for 5 minutes. If you fall asleep, that is alright.

What you have done by utilizing these postures is to keep the blood flowing around your body. You have energized pressure point in the system. You are learning to keep the spine supple. You are building up bone density by walking.

You have taken in lots of fresh air, and you have lubricated the body organ by drinking lots of water.



It is a well known fact that the Greek nation do not suffer from prostate problems of any kind, compared to we here in the west. When we get above 55 that is one little organ in men we want to look after and keep healthy.

The Greeks eat, as a steady diet, Saw Palmetto and Pumpkinseeds. They eat pumpkin seeds, like we eat peanuts. It has been found by nutritionists that these two substances will keep the prostate in good shape.

I wonder how many of you have drunk a lot and eaten rich food and have wound up "liverish"? Well don't let that develop into a chronic liver condition. Go to your local Health food store and get some LIV-CLEANSE. This is made mostly from a plant called Milk Thistle, and will help you keep the liver in a toned balance.

The same goes for your Kidneys. Getting up too much at night? A simple 3 monthly course of KB tablets which contain the plant Uva Ursi. The nice thing about taking these two herbs is that they are non toxic. They are non toxic because the whole plant is used thus the rest of the ingredients from the plant arrest the toxifying effects.

In normal medicine, just the curative property is removed to form the medicine, without the associated attributes necessary to keep it non toxic, thus one has to watch for toxicity when taking medical drugs of any kind.

After years of living in such a way that you have made yourself ill, the body needs a good cleansing and one of the best cleansers known today is Calcium D-Glucarate. A couple of tablets a day will begin the cleansing as you go along on this healthy and vitality giving way of living.

What other Vitamins and Minerals should you be taking? None. If you are eating correctly and buying the best of foods (organic) then you are getting all you need. The great race to the vitamin pill was needed because people are eating denatured food from ground that has been depleted of minerals. Carrots and the like do not create minerals. Just because they are red does not mean they are packed with that vital nutrient. Carrots and all vegetable get their nutrients from the soil they are grown in.

If you cannot get the best of vegetables, then take some Vitamin C, a B complex and a good mineral tablet. The very best mineral tablet there is, is Alfalfa. It sends it's roots some 30 feet down into the soil getting minerals that no other plant can, so get some alfalfa tablets.

There was a great American Nutritionist, Martin Pretorious, who while traveling and giving lectures, would go into a restaurant, order a steak, and that was all. Then with a large glass of water, he would swallow a handful of Alfalfa tablets, about 30 of them. A perfect meal.

Now any method of eating gets boring, so make sure you cheat once or even twice a week and have your potatoes and gravy, but no chips. That's the wrong kind of fat.

It's what you do all the time that has got you into the health predicament you are now in. You can reverse it. Especially if you stop relying on the doctors for every little detail of your health. It just makes sense doesn't it, that the food we eat gives us the health we have.

Sure, there are diseases. We can have accidents, but the main stay of health is water, food, air and exercise - and in just the right amounts. Too much the system stores fat. That fat clogs arteries. That can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Too little and we become deprived, run down and depress our immune system.

Now in today's world there are millions upon millions of people who have allergies. If you are one of them, I would like you to try this simple test. Stop eating all wheat products right now, Nothing with gluten in it.

You can have Rye Crisp, or pure Rye bread. You can have Kamut Bread, but you will have to make that yourself.

If you have not been able to sleep well because of plugged nostrils at night, that will disappear in a few days when you eradicate wheat.

Of course that means doing without sweets also - but you can have fruit.

Most allergies are food related - and - related to these foods, Wheat gluten, chocolate and cheese.




Why keep on being attacked by the flu and colds when you can eradicate those miserable symptoms easily.

One ancient Yogic method of staying healthy was to push string up the nose and out the throat and mouth and then by swinging the string back and forth it would cleanse the entire nasal passage and also drain the nasal antrums.

For the modern man, just take some tepid water and put in a pinch of salt, stir till dissolved , and by pinching one nostril snuff the salt up the other until you feel it enter and sooth the antrums and the nasal cavity itself. Now do the other Nostril. When you have finished, you can blow your nose, and keep it clean from debris collected the day and night previous.

This practice to be done, until nose is clean and free. Then leave it for a while until you feel the need to do it again. Keep your breathing passage free. Breath is life.

Just to show you which is the most important to our life, we can live without breathing for about 4 minutes, without water for about a week, and without food for about 5 weeks. So by reversing that order, you will see that the breath is the most important to us - keep your breathing passages and lungs free.

Next drink plenty of water

Now you can concentrate on food. It makes sense doesn't it.



To keep your eyes healthy and in good condition do some palming. That famous Yogi, Yogananda explains that by palming you not only bring fresh blood to the eyes but you relax and revitalize them also.

Sit at a table with elbows on the table. Place the heel of the hand over closed eyes and gently put a bit of pressure. It feels good to do this. Stay like that for 30 seconds. Now remove hands and open eyes in a wide stare. Now roll the eyes around in both directions a few times, and now return to the palming again. Repeat this for a few minutes. Do it when you think of it - a few times a day.

While you are sitting at the table, roll your head in a circle, first to the left and then to the right. Loosen up the spinal cord in the neck region. Be gentle and in time you will become quite agile.

At the same time, while sitting at the table, stretch your facial muscles, now squeeze them tight. Grin really large and then pucker really tightly. Open the mouth wide and hold these positions until the blood can get into the facial muscles, then when you relax for a minute or so , the toxic blood will be removed and replaced by fresh blood.

When your driving or sitting in a chair, there is always a few minutes to tighten up all the muscles, the buttocks, the arms and legs and the stomach. Don't waste these minutes by fuming about how slow the traffic is, or how boring the TV is.



Have you ever noticed people who have a headache? How they screw their face up. They push their hands into their head and face. They grimace and groan. Pain does that to us - a simple headache will wipe the pleasant lines off your face.

It has been found that people who do not have a headache but take on the attitude of a worrier, rub their hands into their head. They scowl. They furrow their brow, and wouldn't you know it, just by those actions, they develop a headache.

Most of us bring on our problems by the attitude we carry around with us. Watch out for the danger signals.

Holding a grudge.

Being vengeful in your thinking.


Even dislike that carries on day after day is damaging to our health.

There is another attitude that is wise to develop. How many times had you wished you said something to someone, right there in the moment, but didn't. That's right, you carried it over and fumed about for the next week, until something happened that made the damn break and you went off on a tangent.

Learn to say what's on your mind RIGHT NOW. Don't hold it in. first of all you are not being fair to yourself, nor are you being honest with your friend or member of the family. If you don't speak out, you will only start rubbing your hands into your head.

Attitude starts first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up. You will now say to yourself. I will do my exercises on the side of the bed. That attitude will begin the process of getting you back to vital health.

We have laid out a pattern for you. It didn't cost anything, but it is invaluable if you go ahead and put it into practice.



Most habits are addictive. They are not addictive because we like doing the habit. It is addictive because it either makes us feel good, or the substance we are addicted to is claiming its right on our nervous system.

Most people like to drink and get drunk because of habit - addiction -or it makes them feel good. But, if you were already feeling good, why would one need these crutches. So what we feel about habits and addictions, is to carry on and not worry about, BUT all the while do these simple changes to your life style.

It will work like a fulcrum. Right now bad habits have the teeter totter overbalanced on one end, but just as soon as you start to feel well and active, the other end of the fulcrum will dip, and that is the point where you will have the resilience to let go some of these costly and damaging habits.



As people age, it appears there is a great "giving in" to aging itself. Have you caught yourself saying, I am old, or I am getting old, or even I feel old? I have heard elderly people saying, "What's the use, I am too old to learn that."

The Mind itself needs just as much exercise as the body does. It must keep active. We now have the most wonderful instrument for older people to use, and that is the computer. It is easy to use. It is fun, and it is informative, and also it is very communicative.

You never have to feel cut off or alone when you have a computer at hand. You must remember that as an elder you have a lot of experience you can pass on to people.

Why not learn how to use the computer and write a book. Write some short stories. Write about your own life and leave as a documentation for your children. Children are always interested in their parents lives, especially when they are older.

So do it now, run out and buy a computer. Hire a high school student who excels in the computer and have him teach you the basics.

There are many other mental gymnastics you can perform also. Take up painting. If you don't have the money to buy paints and canvasses, you can purchase a drawing book and pencils.

If you have a bit of extra money then learn how to golf. It kills many birds with one stone. You get exercise, mental stimulation, and friendship.

If your eyes are still good, get back to reading again. It costs nothing as you can make use of local libraries. You can also use your talents in wood working. Create a building project for yourself.

Besides looking after your health and your body, you must re-energize the mind. Instead of sitting home alone brooding try and find someone you can help. Take all this knowledge you have learned. Well actually it is just common sense - take it and help someone else out

By putting all these common sense activities and practices to use you will regain your youthful vitality and get back in to the main stream of living again.