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Swami Harinanda

December 25, 1928 to August 19, 2014

Sadly, I must inform you that Swami Harinanda passed away early in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. His death came quickly and without pain. As per his wishes there was no service nor memorial, although he would have appreciated donations to the SPCA or any animal shelter that you like. It goes without saying that this one–of–a–kind and great man will be greatly missed.

I first came to know Swami Harinanda around 1995. He was a customer of mine. One way or another, we got talking about spirituality and he mentioned to me that he was a swami. I must admit, I thought he was joking. But then I realized he was serious. We corresponded by email. Amazingly, I still have a printed copy of his early emails to this day.

Swami Harinanda was able to answer some of my basic questions about yoga and although I had started on the yogic path before I met him, talking to and knowing Swami Harinanda helped make my path more clear.

I was lucky enough to have met Swami Harinanda for the first time in April, 1996. I can remember the first time I met him as I drove up to his house. He came outside to greet me — I felt a great sense of joy and calm come over me.

The next day, Swami Harinanda personally taught me the science of yantra yoga at his dining table. I wrote down the principles of yantra yoga on both sides of a blank piece of paper as Swami Harinanda talked. It was a beautiful moment for me — finally my teacher had come. These lessons I still have to this day and still act as my foundation regarding yantra yoga.

Starting around late 1996 to 1997, I helped Swami Harinanda build an early web site. Later we expanded and moved his web site to this current location Swami Harinanda wanted people to see the words real yoga — he wanted people to awaken to the truth of what real yoga is not. Swami Harinanda was not interested in yoga for health.

While building the real yoga web site, Swami Harinanda didn't know what information we should add. So I suggested to him that we should add informaton that is not easily found elsewhere regarding real yoga. I told Swami Harinanda that myself and others want to know why we should practice yoga, what are the types of yoga, who are some famous yogis and a lesson in pure hatha yoga. So this is what we did. I asked the questions, Swami Harinanda wrote the content.

Swami Harinanda was a pure teacher. He would never accept money for teaching. Yoga or spirituality is part of universal knowledge that belongs to everyone. Therefore, one cannot charge for what already belongs to them. Swami Harinanda always said that a good teacher has a day job and then teaches on his or her own time for free. The teacher should pay for any room rental, etc — this is the sign of a pure teacher which Swami Harinanda was.

Swami Harinanda was taught or told personally by Ramana Marharshi to never accept payment and as Swami Harinanda would always say, Ramana Maharshi is never wrong.

Swami Harinanda did not go to meet Ramana Maharshi in India, instead, they met on the astral plane. Ramana told Swami Harinanda that he did not need to be in a cave or anything like that to be a good student of yoga. Swami Harinanda took those words to heart and lived a normal life while being totally dedicated to self realization.

Swami Harinanda knew many little or lesser known things about yoga. He really studied the theory of yoga and put himself into a position to meet people that would impact him. Somewhere along the way he learned the Master's Chant, as an example, and many more things. Swami Harinanda would openly teach kriya yoga as well. Swami Harinanda loved the yogic life and just absorbed every little detail.

In 1996, I was personally quite ill and possibly near death. Swami Harinanda gave me the book on Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekanda to read. It was the best medicine I've ever received. From that day onwards, I fell madly in love with karma yoga. Knowing this, Swami Harinanda bestowed the name Karmananda to me. I thank him very much for this honour.

Swami Harinanda was a good teacher, a good person and a good friend.

- Yogi Karmananda

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THE BIBLE: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God."

THE GOSPELS: "Man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

THE UPANISHADS: "Man does not live by Breath alone, but by Him whose WORD gives power to the breath."

The great primordial WORD, the Pranava sound, is known as the AUM sound, and is nothing more than pure Skakti (energy) in it's auditory sense. The scientists know today that each atom has an intelligence. Is it any wonder that we speak of the WORD as Universal Mind? This vast Infinite Universal Mind is the very intelligence of God (SELF) that we tap into. By the coupling of the Universal Mind with prakriti (matter), and the Power of Maya (illusion), the possibility for all manifested form has been allowed to take shape.

These three aspects of God, Shakti, Praktiti and Maya, in the Mystic sense and in the non mystic sense have the same trinity manifestation as Jesus the son or "Christ Consciousness"; God the Father or "Cosmic Consciousness"; and the Holy Ghost or "the sound of OM or AMEN."

Through the laws which have been set into motion Along with the intelligence behind creation, we have all manifested form and all the varying seasons. By these same seasons or cycles it is given to man to discover exactly what Universal mind allows him to receive. This is achieved by Grace, the highest of all the subtle Laws. It is a law that can't be understood through our finite minds. All we can understand, is that which we lay claim to.

The old expression, "there is nothing new under the Sun" seems to be more clear in light of the above, as it is all a "feeding in" process

The Word spoken of here is AUM. It is what gives the life and soul, to what energy and matter have created. It impregnated man's brain in order to give it the expression of language. In it's crudest form language was given birth, until over countless centuries of sojourn on this earth, we have developed it to the degree where we can use this language to measure the infinity of the cosmos. As consciousness expands though , we tune in to a greater and greater degree of Universal Mind, and by so doing bring ourselves to the point where, we can appreciate the deficiencies of the finite mind, and grasp the vision of uniting with the essence of the WORD. On so doing, one is then able to transcend time, space and matter and unite with pure consciousness itself. That is consciousness without attributes. This state is called the fourth state Turiya.

Language has power, position, soul and expression, and it was the great Samkhya Yogis who studied the power of language to such a degree they found a mathematical science in its composition. They discovered also, because of the season of events, man's birth time was also a season with certain attributes, which should be fulfilled accordingly. Because these attributes were stemming from ones innermost nature, and which try desperately to pass through to one's mind brain, the Seers discovered that it was the mathematical imbalance between the birth time and the mathematical formula of his name which caused imbalance. It also thwarted his ability for Spiritual union or fulfillment. In other words his Atman (true SELF) guides him in one direction, while his ego, (the first personal pronoun) takes him in another. Thus conflict.

As language has a power factor, the Seers discovered that this power could be reduced to a mathematical principle in much the same way as Einstein's Theory of Relativity had been given a mathematical formula. The numbers, or mathematics have no real power in themselves, but are only used for the symbols of that power. The ancient Sages also discovered that language has a mathematical position, that is, A precedes B and C follows B etc. They further discovered that it was the vowels of a language that gave the language soul and the consonants gave it expression. They discovered from this that a man's way of thinking and expressing was directly correlated to the name which he accepts as being himself. If this name was not in harmony with the mathematical symbols of his birthdate, there arose conflict and con fusion. Discord was the ultimate result. From this discord the veil of Maya (illusion) blinded the vision of man's real and perfect nature, where he could fulfill his Karma by allowing the harmonizing effects of a balanced name to lead him to his Dharmic (role) life pattern. This science was adopted by the Jewish people in their secret book the Qabala. It has also been used and misused by the present day numerologists. The science of balancing names to birth dates has been lost, as is also, the reason and motive for changing the name. It is now being used for financial gain rather than for Spiritual fulfillment.

It is the position of the vowels and consonants of names and not of the sound of them that is important. In the beginning of one's life one is endowed with instinctive consciousness; thus the infant suckles by instinctive reflex. This same child has been given a name, but as yet can not be influenced by it because he has no association with it due to his instinctive state of consciousness. Shortly, the baby attains objective consciousness where his present and objective association is related to the instinctive and he begins to know his mother as apart from himself ,yet still associated with his need to suckle his Mother's breasts. By this time, he has been called his name repeatedly, yet he still doesn't associate with it. It is only in that moment, when on hearing his name, he thinks to himself, "That's me!" that self consciousness or subjective consciousness is born, and here the vibration built into the name that he now associates himself with, begins to color and form his personality.

Vibration has always been an influence on us, but it is only in recent times that we have used vibration as a form of torture. Prisoners of war have been tortured with vibrations of sound so low that not only did they not hear them, but they hardly felt them, yet slowly they were driven quite mad or at least to the brink of such distress that well held secrets were willingly divulged.

Think then what a great role the vibration of your name has to play in forming your personality. You associate yourself with it. You call yourself that name. If asked "Who you are " You reply your given name. When called by your name, you turn your head. You are irrevococably attached to and affected by that name vibration. YOU ARE THE NAME.

It is your name in association with the time you were born, that gives rise to your whole and present personality. It also goes further than that and will indicate whether you are in harmony with your inner nature and the environment, or in total discord. The art of balancing the name has been lost except to a few. At one time it was guarded most secretly. Now of course it is becoming more open. The Jewish people always give a new name to their young sons when they come of age. They have lost the art of balance. Various orders of Monks change their name when they take the monastic vow. Still they know nothing of balancing. Even though the tradition is being carried on, the science of balancing has been lost, and even in this, The Biblical saying, "The sins of the Father shall be handed down to each succeeding generation" seems to become more clear. Of all the aids, or sadhanas that can be performed by an individual to help him on his way to Spiritual unfoldment, a harmonized name is the most beneficial. The most important aspect of this science after that of balancing the name is to be able to follow the cyclic laws that are occurring all the time. It would be foolish for a gardener to sow his seed out of season, or worse still to reap it before it was time. It's equally as foolish for some people to undertake new ventures when they do, as it is nearly always out of season also. Because of your name balance, unrest, disillusionment, and sometimes disaster seem to follow a person throughout his entire lifetime. The Purusha is trying desperately to have it's fulfillment, yet it's thwarted by discordant thoughts and actions brought about by the inability of the 'original thought' to bubble up to the surface of consciousness, only to be misinterpreted by a confused and disoriented mind brain. A healthy balanced expansion of your consciousness is what is wanted and NOT some methods , ways, or beliefs that are really beyond your fulfilling them. Too much guilt is incurred this way. With a harmonized name your fulfillment is achieved at the right speed and time FOR YOU. Life is balanced. It is you the ego, who will see with the brain's higher intellect that the Purusha must have it's necessary experiences so that this ego stick can churn up the fires of attachment, finally coming to the realization that in fact the very stick that churns the fire, has in the process destroyed itself. The REAL you, the Atman, is then sighted.

Any means, or all means to accomplish this is beneficial, but the most logical way to start is to rearrange the brain cells through harmonizing your name, so that you are able to think and act and ex press that inner most part of you as you have been destined to do in life. Yoga then, is a 9 point system of attaining self realization. It is up to you to be guided into one of the nine, so that your inner nature will be fulfilled. I have used the word God in these articles but I will leave it up to the individual to ascertain the meaning of it, as each persons perception of God can either be unique unto himself or it can be one of conditioning by a religion or some Spiritual ideal. The Yogi cares little for these perceptions as he is directly experiencing through Sat Chit Ananda, the all pervading Oneness of Param Purusha. If anyone is interested in taking a free course in Yantra Yoga to have their name harmonized to the time of birth, then you can join up at the time I send out a notice that a new class is starting.

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