I was born at the beginning of the last century - well, 1928, and having so many creative and imaginative inventions happen since then has spurred me on to give you a glimpse in to the future - rather what seems to be the obvious future.

I am quite envious of the young today who are creative and inventive because the field is wide open for anyone with half a brain and a bit of drive and lots of vision. For those young Yogis who are practicing the encouragement of the NO-MIND state, I feel that should they have academic leanings to become interested in what I am saying here, Then those visions I have will be fulfilled. The reason being this: that part of the brain which is still conscious in the field where no attributes exist are going to be on the forefront of the greatest discovery the world has seen.

15 years ago there were barely a hand full of people using the computer, while now there are probably 6 or 7 hundred million and perhaps more using it, the understanding of working off line is well understood by those millions while those few years ago no one would know what you are talking about.

The advances made in knowledge of the brain and nervous system, we have as humans, learned how to work online so to speak. Now we can take small probes and tickle an area of the brain which will make you happy or sad. We can make certain areas of the body move even when we Will it not to. This kind of controlled mapping is bringing us into an area of understanding which will change the world in the 21st century, as electricity did in the last.

The most amazing thing about this kind of work for the young student to get in to is not so much the science of it as much as the economical and cultural richness it will bring to the world.

In order to go on to the next step I will tell you a story about Swami Vivekananda and Einstein. This was told to me by a young monk in the SRF order in California who met Vivekananda. I cannot verify the story.

It seems Vivekananda while visiting America on one of his speaking engagements and while visiting his centers had the occasion to meet Einstein and during their discussions about the illusorary quality of matter - the world being mind-stuff, the yogi would explain the state of satchitananda as best he could - as there is no true explanation of it.

On hearing this Einstein told how he had been working on his relativity theory, the problems he was encountering etc. One day sitting in his study pondering this same problem he noticed the clock was stating it was time for tea ...All of a sudden he was bathed in light, intense light. It lasted for what seemed to be a flash, yet on re-orienting his mind to his room, he noticed the clock had passed 2 hrs in real time. It was in that space of timelessness he discovered his theory of E=Mc2.

He had gone in to what is now known as working offline. It happens. It happens to some people who know nothing about yoga. Now the young scientists of tomorrow are going to know which prods to push into what areas of the brain in order to allow us all to work off line. We will set the problems. We will push the right buttons, then we will go out to play, while the real work is going on in the No-Mind state.

Even with Yogis, no one knows just why some find it so easy to attain samadhi, while most others find it impossible. Also why some can remain long periods and others only short periods, but what we do know is that for those that have readied themselves, the techniques of Yoga brings that state about. Of course in a minor degree that happens all the time - but in a very minor degree. The logistics of it happening to everyone in the next century is becoming more prevalent and a mechanical reality.

It is here - in this state - when it does occur, that the world problems will be solved, and the true intent of the Dwapara age will take hold - that of mental everything. Mental control, Mental telepathy. Mental transference and of course much later in that age, some 2000 years from now, thought travel.

Why I write this is for the young people in Yoga to take advantage of this new world. Get in to the concrete mind business. It may be through science or medicine or physics, but what a great plethora of new fields are open to you.