Or The Yogi Philosophy Of Physical Well-Being

by Yogi Ramacharaka (1904)

Publisher's Notice.

Our original intention, when we arranged for the publication of this book, and, in fact almost up until it went to press, was that it should be, in a measure, supplementary to our little book, The Science of Breath, by the same author—that is to say, it should take up the subject of “Hatha Yoga” with the exception of that phase of the subject (breathing, etc.) which has been covered in that book.  But at the last moment we decided that it would be a mistake to publish a book on “Hatha Yoga” with such an important part of the subject as Yogi Breathing omitted, even though the subject had been covered in another book.  to omit that important phase of the subject would be working an injustice to those who purchased the new book, as many of such purchasers would never have read the first book, and would be justified in expecting that the present book would treat of all phases of the general subject.  So, we decided to incorporate those parts of Science of Breath which belonged strictly to the subject of “Hatha Yoga,” omitting such portions a belonged rather to the other branch of the Yogi Philosophy, i.e., Raja Yoga.  We mention these facts that the purchasers of this book, who have also read our former book, might not accuse us of filling a new book with parts of an old one.  We advertised this book, intending to give only the supplemental parts, as above stated, and the portions of Science of Breath, which have been added thereto, have been inserted at our own expense, and in the nature of “good measure,” or the “baker’s dozen.”

It is possible that, at some future time, we will make arrangements with the same author to take up the “Raja Yoga” portions of "The Science of Breath," and to amplify and enlarge upon same, adding to the foundation already built, just as he has done in the present book upon the “Hatha Yoga” foundation contained in the little book first published by us.  If this course is followed the present book, "Hatha Yoga," will be the first of a series of “Yogi Books,” taking up, in succession, the different phases of the great Yogi Philosophy, the little book, "The Science of Breath," serving as the introduction to the series, and as  a handy little book for beginners, or those just becoming interested in the subject.

"Hatha Yoga," the present book, deals altogether with the physical.  The psychical, mental and spiritual phases of the subject belong to the other branches of the work. "Hatha Yoga," however, will be a splendid foundation upon which the student may build, as a sound, strong, healthy body is necessary for one to do his best work and study, as the author of this book has so well explained in the text.

We have asked the author to write a preface to this book, but he declined to do so, as he feels that the book should speak for itself, and he does not like the idea of (as he expresses it) “intruding his personality” upon his readers, holding that truth should be self-evident and needing no personal touch to make it truth.  This notice, therefore, will take the place of a preface in this case.

Chicago, Ill, August, 1904.