The Greek word Christus literally means to be anointed or one becomes the anointed one, as in the Christian Bible with the appearance of Jesus. According to these mythological tales Jesus represents what is in all MAN the Consciousness of and or the anointment of God or the Atman. Isn’t it funny that Krishna should so resemble the word Christ. It means the same thing of course in that other great allegorical tale.

When one becomes united with Atman then one has the Consciousness of Oneness. Think about it. The consciousness of Oneness. Think about it not in an intellectual way, but deeper still. Jesus said , when struck on the left cheek, turn the right one also. Why.? Of what purpose would that be? Too many bullies around ready to kick your head in after they have given the slap to the right cheek.

I think Jesus was wrong here, as by offering the other cheek he plays into the weakness of his opponents causing them what he knows already added suffering. If we are truly ONE, then each time we harm another, we are in effect harming ourselves. So rather than turn your other cheek, instruct your assailant how he harms himself with each blow he gives you. There is no point in you striking back, as you will also harm not only his illusory body, but yourself also. Remember, you are the other person. It does not mean you cannot restrain him.

You have to understand, with you being a Robert and your neighbor being a John, you are not John or Robert. Both these people are individually scripted by Maya through ego, to give the appearance that the real Oneness is in fact separate.

Because we are all so attached to the attributes of ego self, we think that the other is really separated from us.

In most cases , except what is due to past karma, no harm can come to one who has been anointed in the Oneness of consciousness. It is when we begin to see and become attached, more to the small divisible differences in our beliefs and conditionings, that we lose all capability of seeing others as our SELF.

So Christmas has grown after many thousands of years from a pagan holiday, and since Christianity into a Christian holiday, where we emulate the three wise men bringing gifts to the ONE Consciousness in all of us to the Christus, the Christ in all of us.

This Christmas, if you can drop away the fetters of your conditioning and the way you see the duplicities and multiplicities of others, you may just have a remarkable Christ like experience when you next look at your fellow MAN.

In fact the next time you look at someone, pretend they are a mirror image of yourself, because in truth that is what they are. You are that person, just as much as you believe yourself to be who you think you are.

It is a difficult conception to visualize that we are all one SELF, divided through (avidya) ignorance, into believing that we are different and separate.. It takes some good solid meditations to come to this viewpoint, but when your centers have been opened and the Star of the East blazons forth as the light of the Ajna center (5th chakra), and sends that energy down the pancreatic nerve to the manger center (3rd chakra) , you will be anointed also into that state of consciousness which is Christ and Krishna like.

So at this time, Christmas time, think about all the others who you may criticize or adulate, and know that you are they. They act as mirrors for us, in order that we can be brought back through recognition, to the one SELF.

So when we see evil in someone, it is because they are mirroring the evil in us. Pride of course makes us believe that we could never be as evil as a Bin Laden or a Hitler, yet deep within all of us is that significant other quality. That is why Jesus said “ Love your neighbor as yourself.” Yes! Because it is we who must learn to love ourselves through others.

This shadow dream we live in is nothing but the force of Maya which has deceived us, through her originating forces of Prakritti (Matter) and Shakti (energy) which brought this world view to the forefront of our minds. We are trapped by her deception into thinking we are individual and unique and separate.

Uniting with Atman is taking the high road of Pure consciousness back to our birthright and source the ONE SELF.

For those of you who have not read the Portal I enclose a chapter from my book, on some analogies taken from the Bible and what their real meaning is according to Yoga instruction.


Contained within and around the spine are three vehicles. On each side of the spine are spiritual nerves called Nadis. The one on the left is called the Ida and the one on the right is called the pingala.

Up the centre of the spine there is a physical channel called the Shushumna canal. When one is in meditation, and especially performing Kriya, one awakens the vital forces in the coccyx centre at the base of the spine, called Kundalini, or shakti power. With special breathing techniques, this Shakti is lifted up the Shushumna, by first neutralizing the polar effects of the Ida and Pingala nerves.

When Shakti has been lifted in to the head and awakened , or when it stimulates the Pineal and Pituitary gland, they both secrete a hormone. The pineal is a milky fluid and the Pituitary is a creamy colored one. This is known from the Bible as the land of Milk and Honey.

The uniting of these two fluids causes a brilliant flash in the Ajana centre (the third eye or the Star of Bethlehem), creating an energy which then flows down the pancreatic nerve (The River Jordan, the Holy river. Of course the other holy river is the Ganges and the river Styx) to the third center (navel centre ,the Manger) where Christ Consciousness is born in man. At this point one can say as did Jesus, that he was the Son of God. This potent state of awareness illuminates the whole body with light, and this light energy is then lifted to the top of the cranium where one unites with God. (I and the Father are one.)

It doesn't seem plausible at this point that all the scriptures are an allegory on the workings of these Divine Principles within each one of us, yet because such a few people understood what had been written, that allegory was found to be the way of information. We can then see why in fact the scriptures were written in such a manner.

In those days we can understand the need for moral codes, and after all what more are religious doctrines than prescriptive tomes to aid man to live a better ,healthier and happier life . We can understand the need for restraint, and even renunciation, but if one isn't capable of adhering to the basic precepts of scripture, it then becomes impossible to begin this Herculean task. To walk this way, one must deny himself, not life itself, but deny that which has removed his sense of eternal Bliss. That denial takes progressively different forms in everyone. It begins though, with Patanjali's famous aphorism, "Abhyassa of the Chitti Vritti". This simply means, "Restraint and control of all Mental fluctuations. With that slow beginning one can go on to it's fulfillment, "Chitta Vritti Nihoda" Meaning - Total annihilation of all mental fluctuation.

It is noted in Revelations that 144000 shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This has been misinterpreted and misused for centuries. In the original Greek it is stated that those which shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven shall be of the Alpha Gamma Gamma Betta. There was no way in which that could be translated, but In the early Greek language Alpha was the first and most predominate letter of the alphabet, (The Father) while Gamma represented the earthly fourth principle, (the Son) and Betta designated infinity (The Holy Ghost).

Those that encompassed the entire aspect of the Divine Man represented by the total of the numbers 144000, which totals to number 9, were the ones which would inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. This number 9, according to Yantra Yoga is the number of Divinity.

The mark of the beast - 666 has created other confusions, and a lot of trouble for certain nations and peoples - for the finger has been pointed at various countries and empires as exemplifying, quite wrongly, the beast.

It's quite easily understood when one knows the science of Yantra Yoga and the Cycles or Yugas as explained by Sri Yukteswar.

The duration of the world cycle is designated by Yugas, with the evolutionary period being 6000 years duration and the involutionary period being the same, giving the grand cycle a total of 12000 years duration. At the apex of this great circle it is designated as 999. The three 9's infer Infinite Divinity. It's here where we are united in Spirit. As the cycle involutes to it's bottom position, The Kali Yuga Age, those 999's take their upside down position and become 666, thus representing that period of the earths transition through it's individual yugas culminating in the beastliness of man throughout the dark ages, the Kali Yuga age.

The cycle of the beast is known as the Kali Yuga Age. Fortunately as explained in great detail by Swami Yukteswarji we have long since entered into the intermediate cycle called the Dwapara Yuga. Man has left the mark of the beast behind him, and can look forward to an ever expanding consciousness, which ultimately will be uplifted.

The scientific and the Spiritual will become more and more closely united as man realizes that the microcosm of his body directly reflects none other than the great Macrocosm of the entire Cosmos.

We shall begin to see with absolute clarity the reality of finding and uniting with God or Self by following the course of the symbolic River Ganges and or Jordan, through the seven churches (chakras) in the Shushumna Canal, up to our homeland Israel, the thousand petal Lotus and the joy and fulfillment of Sat-Chit-Ananda. There lies the Heaven within us. It is all physical, locked within our bodies and our brains, ready to be released for those that have the ears to hear.

To go on being blatantly duped by following the literal meaning of the scriptures, while ignoring knowledge and common sense, is an endless road of knocking your head against a brick wall. Some few people have managed to break through, by the Grace of the Param Atman (The Higher Self) and their own efforts, but the time is fast approaching where vast multitudes will take the way of the hidden Yoga.