I have received some wonderful letters from Cyber students. Some explaining the visions they see, others their different experiences, while still others in constant contact getting advice about one thing or the other, and some being just generally good Cyber friends having the odd chat about family and loved ones.

There are others who wish to come and study in person with me also. To that I am afraid they would be much disappointed, as rather than being like a benign long white haired guru, I am more like a strict slave master - ) I would be too ordinary and tough for most, who often think of gurus and teachers as being passive nice folk.

When I had my small personal classes both in London and in Vancouver Canada, it was soon learned by one and all that total stillness and silence was an absolute pre-requisite of being able to attend on a regular basis.

After out 2 to 8 hrs of meditation and silent instruction was finished, then all hilarity would break loose with coffee and good things to eat, music to listen to, and good conversation about things "functional"

This method allowed students to learn to carry their uplifting experiences they had in the silence, back into the mundane world of earning a living and associating with people not interested in Yoga

Most young students like to be disciplined until they can learn to discipline themselves, so it was always a great joy for me to finally see newcomers not be in need of a good hefty blow across the shoulders. The pain of the blow was worse than the itches and restlessness of the body and mind, so stillness was soon achieved.

Writing this brings me to this newsletter.

In all the letters I receive, people like to explain "experiences". I can understand that and I don't want you to stop telling me about them, as I can redirect your energies via email, but here in this newsletter I want to explain, that EVERYTHING you see and hear in meditation is not good except for two things only, the AUM sound, and the LIGHT.

The Light must be without form and quality. The intensity of it will virtually go unnoticed when you are one with it, as you grow with it. Seeing the light without quality or quantity is shock enough to the individual holding on to it, so that one can unite with it is the secret move towards samadhi.

To meditate on anything else is a hold up , a waste of time, and not only that could be downright harmful to your unfoldment, as one can be entrapped by visions and mantras etc. They become so ingrained that they rise up on their own, and the very fact that they are a vision of "something" a personage, a flame, a distant and singular light makes them part and parcel of the chit and samskaras .

When you are practicing your Kriya, so many have written about the energy felt in the third chakra. This is normal, but I want to re-iterate not to let the mind rest on that chakra. The mental concentration must go back to the cool and heat as explained in the Kriya.

When Kundalini begins to move , that shakti energy will undoubtedly deceive you with all sorts of sensations. They must be ignored. I realize it is hard to ignore something totally new, but nonetheless learn by practice not to rest on it. Always return to the explanation of the technique.

In my meditation technique, which I have explained in great detail, ALWAYS return as soon as you can remember to look into the great white light that light which illuminates all objects not the source of the light but the light itself. It is this light after all that will throw you into Samadhi, and unless you are able to absorb the light, your samadhi will be so short lived that an understanding of what a nanosecond is, will become evident.

By learning to hold onto this light without quality or shape, your Will becomes so strong that when samadhi occurs you are capable of withstanding the jolt and through Will (which is the SELF in action) you can then retain your first samadhis for some minutes of time.

In this way, Sabakalpi Samadhi, will be retained for some hours at a time. And so on right on up to Sahaja Nirvikalpi samadhi, where you are always in Union.

It is a lifetime love-work, so don't waste a minute of it with visions and sensations and the thought of powers and magic. They don't exist.