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Swami Harinanda

December 25, 1928 to August 19, 2014

Sadly, I must inform you that Swami Harinanda passed away early in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. His death came quickly and without pain. As per his wishes there was no service nor memorial, although he would have appreciated donations to the SPCA or any animal shelter that you like. It goes without saying that this one–of–a–kind and great man will be greatly missed.

I first came to know Swami Harinanda around 1995. He was a customer of mine. One way or another, we got talking about spirituality and he mentioned to me that he was a swami. I must admit, I thought he was joking. But then I realized he was serious. We corresponded by email. Amazingly, I still have a printed copy of his early emails to this day.

Swami Harinanda was able to answer some of my basic questions about yoga and although I had started on the yogic path before I met him, talking to and knowing Swami Harinanda helped make my path more clear.

I was lucky enough to have met Swami Harinanda for the first time in April, 1996. I can remember the first time I met him as I drove up to his house. He came outside to greet me — I felt a great sense of joy and calm come over me.

The next day, Swami Harinanda personally taught me the science of yantra yoga at his dining table. I wrote down the principles of yantra yoga on both sides of a blank piece of paper as Swami Harinanda talked. It was a beautiful moment for me — finally my teacher had come. These lessons I still have to this day and still act as my foundation regarding yantra yoga.

Starting around late 1996 to 1997, I helped Swami Harinanda build an early web site. Later we expanded and moved his web site to this current location real-yoga.com. Swami Harinanda wanted people to see the words real yoga — he wanted people to awaken to the truth of what real yoga is not. Swami Harinanda was not interested in yoga for health.

While building the real yoga web site, Swami Harinanda didn't know what information we should add. So I suggested to him that we should add informaton that is not easily found elsewhere regarding real yoga. I told Swami Harinanda that myself and others want to know why we should practice yoga, what are the types of yoga, who are some famous yogis and a lesson in pure hatha yoga. So this is what we did. I asked the questions, Swami Harinanda wrote the content.

Swami Harinanda was a pure teacher. He would never accept money for teaching. Yoga or spirituality is part of universal knowledge that belongs to everyone. Therefore, one cannot charge for what already belongs to them. Swami Harinanda always said that a good teacher has a day job and then teaches on his or her own time for free. The teacher should pay for any room rental, etc — this is the sign of a pure teacher which Swami Harinanda was.

Swami Harinanda was taught or told personally by Ramana Marharshi to never accept payment and as Swami Harinanda would always say, Ramana Maharshi is never wrong.

Swami Harinanda did not go to meet Ramana Maharshi in India, instead, they met on the astral plane. Ramana told Swami Harinanda that he did not need to be in a cave or anything like that to be a good student of yoga. Swami Harinanda took those words to heart and lived a normal life while being totally dedicated to self realization.

Swami Harinanda knew many little or lesser known things about yoga. He really studied the theory of yoga and put himself into a position to meet people that would impact him. Somewhere along the way he learned the Master's Chant, as an example, and many more things. Swami Harinanda would openly teach kriya yoga as well. Swami Harinanda loved the yogic life and just absorbed every little detail.

In 1996, I was personally quite ill and possibly near death. Swami Harinanda gave me the book on Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekanda to read. It was the best medicine I've ever received. From that day onwards, I fell madly in love with karma yoga. Knowing this, Swami Harinanda bestowed the name Karmananda to me. I thank him very much for this honour.

Swami Harinanda was a good teacher, a good person and a good friend.

- Yogi Karmananda

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June's Numerology Influences For People Born On July 16...

Influences For June:

Short description available

The seeds (thoughts and ideas) you planted (started) in April begin to show their first signs of life above ground this month. It’s as if your seeds are starting to grow their first leaves and/or shoots (manifestation). You finally start to see the early signs of success although the signs of success you see may be just out of reach.

Hopefully you planted good (wise) seeds in April otherwise instead of seeing the early signs of a beautiful botanical garden (success); you will see the early signs of a garden that will be full of weeds (failures) by the end of the year.

This is a month of expression, especially creatively, romantically and in terms of business. Emotions can be draining at times this month so take care of your health.

Like all young plants, you are susceptible to subtle changes in the climate. If you do not keep your immune system strong then your plants (life plan / life choices) will be more susceptible to disease (challenges).

Life will present you with situations in which you will feel that luck is your friend in both business and romance. Go with the flow. Be easy going and relaxed but not so relaxed that you become careless. A careless approach to life this month will cause you to end up being unlucky in love and having money come in one pocket and right out the other.

A cheerful approach to life this month will help create a rosy outlook until the end of November.

A feeling of impatience is highlighted this month.

This is a good month to have a good laugh, socialize, attend parties and just have some fun. But do avoid situations that may put you in quarrelsome situations and/or arguments.

Also avoid over indulgences.

Keynotes For June:

This month encourages you to spend time in nature whether that is in a park, hiking a trail or relaxing in your back yard. This is a month in which you might find yourself loving nature more than normal. Spending time in nature or in your home is a great way of rejuvenating your strength. A happy–go–lucky approach to life this month is highlighted but listen to your heart when it comes to developing all aspects of your life, especially romance. This is a good month to socialize in your home and/or host a more quiet than normal party but only with a few select friends. The thoughts and ideas you established last April begin to show early signs of success this month, but the success you see may just be out of reach. Not to worry if this is the case. The real success happens in November. Having a calm state of mind this month will help keep your emotions under control. Avoid the temptation of wanting immediate results and success.

Love Influences For June:

This is a great month to creatively express your love by writing a poem or love letter. Surprise your partner this month with gifts. Even though your love life may be doing quite well, you may get the sense that your love life is a little bit quiet. Take your partner on a date somewhere in nature or have a picnic in a park. Express from the heart this month. Secret love affairs can happen this month… but be warned, next month is full of karma.

Short description available


2023's Numerology Influences For People Born On July 16...

4 Year Cycle — Test or Examination

2023's Emphasis: Strength — Brave The Elements

This is a year in which you want to build your plants (life plan) in width, not height. This in turn makes your life plan stronger. Your life plan will then be able to withstand any challenges that are faced this year.

The previous year was a period of creativity and a time to grow your ideas as much as possible. But this year the focus is not on growing your ideas as much as possible, but rather on organizing your life. Hence you need to get all that you did last year organized. Organize your life into neat little piles of this and that, whether that is physical or mental organizing.

Although you need to work hard this year, don’t expect much in the way of results. This does not mean results cannot and will not be obtained or that you will earn less money, but rather this should not be your focus this year. Instead, simply focus on the love of working.

You might actually discover that in your efforts this year, with all the hard work that you do, others will take credit for your work. But worry not, you will get credit for your efforts in due time.

Do remember to strengthen all aspects of your life as a whole, not just one aspect of it.

Strengthen your life by not being overly ambitious. Do not, as an example, take on too many responsibilities whether that is at work, at your church, in school, at home, etc. You do not want to spread yourself too thin. Your time to take on and accept responsibilities will come in your 6 year cycle.

This is ultimately a year in which we will see what type of wood your life plan is made of. If your plan is weak, then it will break under the strain. If your plan is strong then it will be like bamboo that blows in the wind, it will bend almost all the way to the ground, but it will not break.

This is a testing year, a year of karma where it is as if your plants are experiencing frost, wind and rain. The key to surviving this year is to not struggle with tests. Instead, embrace your life with love. When there is no struggle, there is no turmoil. When there is no turmoil, there is no karma. Ultimately, when there is love then everything is easy. Choose to love all that happens this year.

If you planted foolish seeds in your 1 year cycle, then this year can be full of problems, as nature will examine your seeds inside and out. If nature does not like what it sees, then you will find that nature will appear cruel. If this happens, then accept responsibility and let go so you can move on.

Avoid buying anything expensive this year, as it will turn out to be a lemon. Do not overspend either. Avoid investing your money into stocks, etc, as it will be lost.

You may also notice that things start to break down this year such as your car, relationships, etc. But just remember that important decisions should be postponed until after October 18 of this year if at all possible.

While this year is not the best year to be ambitious, this does not mean that you will not see any results this year. This year can be quite productive and rewarding, but just do not expect it… expectations will always create disappointments.

Although this is a test year, try not to change your life plan by uprooting it. You need to stick it out and hang in there. The reality is that everyone has a test year. We all must go through a year like this. But if you have made good decisions in the past, are working hard this year and embracing this year with love, then you will find this to be a wonderful year and hassle free.

Work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone. Results will start in 2 years.

Health Influences For 2023:

Be aware of your skeletal structure, muscles and growths. A relatively healthy year, but you should safeguard your health. Take a rest from heavy red meats this year.

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